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Meeting Info

  • 1.30 pm Pacific Time
  • Laura's vidyo room
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

Last week

  • bkero
    • Finished hg templating code review
    • Github PoC setup in Amazon, notes taken, partial clustering set up
  • fubar
    • lol
  • gps
    • MozReview work week
    • Rolled out Monty the Python Review Bot
    • Started working on robust vcs replication solution
  • hwine
    • bug 1124130 load spike page
    • vcs-sync catchup for b2g devices team
    • gitpoc work
    • looking at chatops implementation for releng, may also be good for vcs-sync
    • b2g repo deletion in play bug 1125692 ← working on approval process
    • tweaked hg & git status pages to show recently closed bugs.
  • laura

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Github PoC
  • fubar
    • glibc updates, vacation catchup, maybe even actual Q1 project work
  • gps
    • Maybe get Monty hosted under devsvcs AWS account
    • Work on new replication mechanism for bug 1126153
  • hwine
    • gitpoc
    • coordination sheriffs, ff releng, b2g releng, as b2g releng come online.
  • laura

Other business

  • when to use MOC (Hal)

PTOs, etc

Hal out Thursday Jan 29 for class