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Meeting Info

  • 1.30 pm Pacific Time
  • Hal's vidyo room ← today only
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!

Last week

  • bkero
    • Github PoC work
      • Made/benchmarked 1000 orgs (~3hr). No API, so had to automate with Firefox macro.
      • Made 1000 forks of gecko-dev (25min async, 2 days to finalize).
      • Pushed a noop (submodule addition). 28 minutes
      • Added 10MB of content to a repo, pushed to 1000 remotes. 34 minutes
    • Mercurial
      • Started creating packer file for hgweb in AWS
      • Restarted work on adding hgweb and hgmasters to vcs CI
  • fubar
    • more DXR ES debugging, but generally works
    • first (successful) foray into vcs2vcs labyrinth
    • treeherder
      • fixed newrelic bits in puppet (again)
      • help jlal get treeherder talking to pulse (py2.7.9+gevent badness)
      • deploys finally drain/undrain web nodes
    • AWS
      • packer: r10k/librarian-puppet working, puppet to access AWS tags
      • terraform: spin up subnet, sec groups, nodes, elb (partial)
      • IAM role for opsec
  • gps
    • MozReview deployments
      • the deployment procedure needs a lot of love
    • landed support for files metadata in files (Q1 deliverable)
      • still a lot of follow-ups to do
    • Integrated Mercurial 3.3 into v-c-t CI
    • Standing up a new CI environment in EC2 since is underpowered
    • Working on Selenium tests for MozReview
      • Testing of web bits is currently manual and slows us down
  • hwine
    • vcs-sync bugs, maint, and new requests
    • final git poc work
  • laura

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Github Enterprise blogpost
    • Mercurial
      • Continue working on packer file
      • Discuss cloud architecture with team
      • Improve on hg.m.o CI
  • fubar
    • continue w/ DXR ES work (rework build process once ES stops breaking)
    • AWS: get elb working, rabbitmq, and DBs
    • try to not have python27 cause yet more issues with treeherder
  • gps
    • metadata follow-ups
    • v-c-t test and automation work
    • MozReview feature and bugs work (if time)
  • hwine
    • finish paperwork for github enterprise poc
    • vcs-sync work & education
  • lawrence
    • follow up with dougt and others about various git related work that is being discussed - get gps into conversation

Other business

  • [hwine] is our understanding that oncall is after hours or escalation only? If so, I'll clarify in wiki. qbtq: how do we want moc to interact?
    • ai: make list of systems we're pageable on, scrub in team.
  • [gps] Mercurial 3.3 production deployment
    • ai: send email with dates, then do it. gps & bkero to pick dates

PTOs, etc

  • fubar - Mar 4 (wednesday, tomorrow)