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Meeting Info

  • 1.30 pm Pacific Time
  • Lawrence's vidyo room
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!
    • bkero → fubar

Last week

  • bkero
    • Removed GHE traces: AWS hosts, DNS entries
    • Created packerfile for hgweb hosts with amazon-ebs and Docker builders
    • Updated puppet-module-hg for masterless operation
    • Code reviewed, deployed pash updates
  • fubar
    • gitmirror cleanup, round 1
    • ES vulnerability rodeo
    • treeherder: python rollback to 2.7.8, get it talking to pulse
    • continued dxr es f(l)ailings
    • start of masterless puppet wrangling for treeherder in aws
  • gps
    • Fixed up pash's root login path to be less prone to failure
    • Created Docker environment for running clusters
      • It even runs an LDAP server and integrates ssh server with public keys in LDAP
    • Started writing tests for pash
      • Discovering lots of bugs and paper cuts
    • Updates to various MozReview and Mercurial tests so we don't test with admin users
    • Hacked around with the MozReview development environment to make it easier to hack on MozReview
    • Contributed some improvements to the PoC for the unified commit view in MozReview
    • Discussion with dminor and smacleod about better commit workflow for MozReview
  • hwine
    • RRA on vcs-sync -- good reminder
    • vcs-sync & AWS
    • TCW planning
  • lmandel
    • got information from laura about requirements for EOL cvs, svn, and bazaar

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • hg.m.o integration into v-c-t testing
    • Figure out if Docker support for Packer that actually works
  • fubar
    • continued frustration with dxr es
    • continue treeherder aws work
  • gps
    • Get Docker environment and testing in a sane state
    • Finalize the new MozReview commit tracking workflow
    • MozReview Git[Hub] integration planning
  • hwine
    • vcs-sync on AWS
    • TCW
    • finalize github enterprise docs on wiki
  • lmandel

Other business

  • (hwine) Use of packer? Doesn't seem to be a strong value add atm over ansible/ad-hoc.
    • packer is great for AMI creation, in use for treeherder. Keep doing that.
    • packer is challenging for other uses - don't standardize other use cases for now
  • (lmandel) Code correctness tools already give us information about Firefox that would be useful. What should we do with these tools and how do we get the information in the hands of devs? (Sylvestre working on all of this for relman)
  • inactive VCS account error needs new documentation bug 1116796
    • klibby to do on wikimo
  • (lmandel) We've been talking about disaster recovery. Do Hg/Bugzilla rely on SCL3? Where does it live?
    • Hg is in SCL3. gps already working on setting up backup in AWS
  • (lmandel) Can we change the meeting time to a little earlier in the day?
    • moving to 11am PT
    • shorten to 30 mins
  • (lmandel) 3 weeks left for Q1 goals
  • (hwine) set up to help clarify our CM needs

PTOs, etc

  • bkero pto Friday