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Meeting Info

  • 11 am Pacific Time
  • Vidyo room: DeveloperServices
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!


Last week

What did you accomplish in Whistler? What is notable?

  • bkero
    • Spent time with releng folks learning how they interact
    • Stood up ELK prototype to mine data, maybe find useful info
    • Delved into git issue (
    • Made plan for removing puppet control for reviewboard
  • fubar
    • BMO: met w/ IT re: AWS for project timing, requirements
    • DXR:
      • regression issues on staging
      • rust build failures
      • build system updates to poll SCMs directly, other jenkins tweaks
    • gitmo issues (6/19)
  • gps
  • hwine
  • lmandel
    • Whistler
      • Discussions about release process, release and pre-release data from FHR/Telemetry, developer builds, build system, representation of platform ops
  • smacleod

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Look into git problems
    • Backfill more hg logs into ELK
  • fubar
    • mtg w/ webops re: hg logs in ELK POC
    • BMO: perf stats for AWS sizing
    • DXR: wrap up build system changes, cut over staging to SCL3
  • gps
    • Finish up mozbuild integration with
    • MozReview: publish during push
  • hwine
  • lmandel
    • Follow-up from Whistler, ship 39
  • smacleod

Other business

  • [lmandel] Whistler recap
    • What worked?
      • Breakout rooms (non allocated time), office hours
      • DXR demo + discussion was really good
      • Tuesday all-hands was good
    • What didn't?
      • Lots of discussions in our breakout room, people who weren't part of our org and talking about non work (on phone)
      • Agenda helps drive meetings to a useful place
      • Too many people in a discussion typically results in nothing getting done
      • Thursday all-hands wasn't very valuable
      • Tricky to meet with groups in different hotels
    • What should we do differently next time?
      • More opportunities to engage with more orgs - notably Firefox team, talked tools in Firefox all-hands, cross breeding can't happen if sessions are scheduled concurrently
      • Get things done by scheduling things early in the week
  • [lmandel] Adding bug links for stand-up items
    • Dev work is largely tracked in bugs already. fubar, bkero and I discussed tracking more ops work in bugs as well. Can we start to link to bugs in our stand-up reports so that it's easier to follow-up on work?
  • [lmandel] Q3 planning
    • It's that time. We'll discuss on Thu and should have our deliverables set by end of next week.
  • [gps] AWS server for development and CI

PTOs, etc

  • Wed is Canada Day (Lawrence, Steven)
  • Fri is Independence Day (Ben, Greg, Hal, Kendall)


Q2 Goals