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November 23, 2009 Meeting Notes

   * Weekly dial-in meeting, Monday, 8 a.m. PST
   * Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7601
   * US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7601
   * US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 Conference number 7601
   * Mozilla Drumbeat -> #drumbeat | IRC channel
   * Mozilla Drumbeat Google Groups
         o New Google Group Tied to Mailserve.
         o Old Google Group Please use the new group! This is just a historical record. 
   * Mozilla Drumbeat Mailserve (community-drumbeat@lists.mozilla.org Subscribe here 

When you call in, you'll be muted by default, to keep phone noise down. Use "*1" (including the star) to unmute yourself if you want to say something.


  • Update on Drumbeat content stream / stories for Drumbeat blog (Matt & Gina)
    • Looking for help with blogging / storytelling on specific projects
    • Check the content stream page for more
  • Update on project boot-strapping (Mark)
  • Google list house-keeping / tech issues
    • Can anyone help Matt here?
  • EU update William / Alina
  • Other suggested items?
    • Please add here

Meeting Notes

(Matt will take notes)

  • 9 to make yourself louder
  • Introduction from Ned Schwarz
  • Looking for help on visual direction for the web site

Wire-framing, visual direction, & graphic design

  • Need help from community on wire-framing this week

Project boot-strapping Featured projects for soft launch, so that people have a sense of what a Drumbeat project looks like

  • Confirmed privacy icon design challenge
  • Open Internet presentation challenge
  • Functions also as pipeline for other Drumbeat ideas, to become part of Drumbeat project funnel
  • Anyone anywhere can contribute a project idea
  • Event in Singapore & Bangalore coming up
  • Also had conversations with Fair Mobile Index -- not always easy to find a fit w. Drumbeat. Much more focused on poverty and access angle, less on innovation angle.
  • StopBadWare -- good fit w. Drumbeat, but hard to come up with a project

How do we house / collect potential Drumbeat ideas before the web site launches? Mark will create Wiki page for this purpose

William: EU update

  • Potential Drumbeat idea from Europe
  • Mozilla Manifesto remix project (presented in Prague)
  • Blog / short entries w. suggestions from community for Drumbeat initiative
  • Separate EU page, or integrate into Drumbeat web site, etc?

Mark S:

  • Is there a write-up on the proposal?
  • Alina: just the old one from before Prague
  • Write up current thinking on it, and include in list of possible boot-strap projects
  • Michael: should have write-up ready later tonight
  • Mark: can see that it makes sense to drive it from Europe
  • Limit to people from Europe? / EU-specific? Or open to all geographies?
  • William: EU-specific, focus on European community members. European take on Drumbeat
  • Mark: idea of European focus makes sense. However, in terms of manifesto being case, something we tend ot think of global mozilla community asset
  • might seem odd if ask is: what are things happening in these four areas of manifesto. What if someone from China or New Zealand had a contribution?
  • What part of it is specifically European
  • What aspects are more global?
  • Mark: looking at those four principles / themes
  • William:

1) the internet as public resource 2) individual experience on the internet 3) building the web using open technologies 4) community -- how community and open technologies work hand in hand

  • Mark: what would happen in relation to those themes?
  • William: very open to any type of contribution: story, personal experience, discussion, short paragraph.
  • Mark: what David and he are doing to shape and refine proposals. So once write-up is posted, David and Mark can work together on it.
  • David: has some ideas around remixing Mozilla manifesto from 2008.
  • identify a core part of manifesto, but then ask people to build around it.
  • some additional values they want to layer on top of it.
  • WIlliam: challenge: trying to figure out how to engage in Europe. EU-specific. as relates to work w. Mozilla. Tricky setting the right balance / angle.
  • Mark: going to be an interesting challenge for Drumbeat overall. When is right time to base something in a region, vs. when is something uniquely related to a region. Can imagine both cases -- good chance to test some of that thinking.
  • Regionally led vs. regionally focused

Question re: Festival

William: when in June? World cup is in June! 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa