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Your web. Your data.

Thought leadership and P2P consumer education about taking control of our identities and data in the cloud.

Useful context: Zittrain Lost in the cloud editorial and Messina's Web at a new crossroads.


  • Expand public conversation about data and identity in cloud to focus on personal control and not just technology and law -- 'you-centric computing'. nb. significant overlap w/ Mozilla Labs
  • Create broad awareness about the issues we all face as we move our identifies and information in the cloud, helping people make better choices where they can.
  • Share learning from public conversation and consumer engagement w/ those in Mozilla working on technology that increases personal control in the cloud.

Key Messages

  • 1st message: You’re safer and more empowered when you’re in control of your own data online.
  • 2nd message: The internet industry should invent products, services and terms give you more control.

Audience and geography

  • People already aware and interested in internet issues. A small but important audience. 10k? 100k? Engage the people in broader public conversation about data and identity.
  • Heavy users of social media and online apps. Focus on awareness raising, and better online choices where possible.
  • Europe important place to start as this very much on radar. N. America also, especially at 'already aware' level.



  • You Computing Summit, probably at the start of the year. Generates whitepaper, established new working relationships and grabs attention of media. (Tympani)
  • You in the Cloud e-newsletter or (more likely) feature in another e-newsletter, focused on information that helps people make good product choices. Like this but much simpler. (Bongo)
  • Online campaigns / games / quizzes that help people understand and make good choices with their online identities and data. (Bongo)
    • Likely topics: terms of service; privacy settings; data portability; open content licensing.
    • Examples: Facebook app makes it easier to navigate and understand your privacy settings or Who owns your picture? campaign from MozCamp EU.
  • Effort to develop simplified, modular, user-centric, graphically represented terms of service that can be used by many sites.
    • Mozilla Labs is already developing. Drumbeat could promote and use in education activities above even before there is wide adoption. Eg. use the graphics in reviews of existing policies of popular sites.
  • Remixable presentations on 'You in the Cloud' for use by Drumbeat community members attending BarCamps, Ignites, etc. Graphical terms of service good fodder for this. (Conga)

Also possible

  • This campaign likely needs a more significant and pro-active press component than others.
  • Surveys on Care2 to create chatter and encourage e-mail signup
  • Make videos / PSAs / run a contest like Firefox Flicks about how to use your data in the cloud
  • Firefox add-on for smart use of social/data web applications
  • Could be very popular tool for parents in teaching safe web habits.


  • Fit: Very aligned with Mozilla mission and issues that we're trying to address w/ product in 2010.
  • Timing: Great in terms of public buzz and interest. This will pick up even more next year. Difficult (or at least unpredictable) in terms of tie in to Mozilla products, which are critical proof point.
  • Appeal: Wide appeal to 100s of millions of social media users, but may be limited until there is product hook. Audience interested in 'public conversation' more narrow.
  • Impact: Could be significant if we have major impact on how these issues discussed, but very risky. Real impact of consumer awareness limited until there are good product options.
  • Leverage: General buzz on this topic plus emerging products provide leverage, but subject again to timing issues.
  • Fundraising: Difficult. Traffic around this issue could generate individual donations through general asks, but this won't yield big results. Grants and sponsorships for event may be possible.


Early (activity)

  • Newsletter subscribers: is there general public interest in this topic?
  • Number of local events and presentations, amount of participation
  • Media and blog coverage of You Computing Summit and whitepaper
  • Traffic and participation in online campaigns / games / quizzes
  • Fundraising (probably set targets low)

Over time (impact)

  • Shift in public conversation, talking about identity and data as 'people' issue
  • Social benefit of people-centric cloud products and services understood when released
  • Large numbers of people more conscious about privacy settings and terms of use
    • Or, move the market to much simpler approaches


  • Does this have us tripping over Mozilla Labs who is also working in this area? Or, is it synergystic?
  • Could the consumer side of work primarily as an issue specific add on to We Make the Web Drumbeat campaign.

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