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The next 100 years of public media.

Collaborate w/ orgs like BBC and TV Cultura to help audiences and content creators shape the future of public media. Engage in a public converation about what the next 100 years of public media could look like.


  • Show what the media commons of the future might look like, using new open web and social media technologies to enhance existing public media properties.
  • Build deeper collaboration amongst public media producers (e.g. BBC and TV Cultura) and people building the internet as commons (e.g. Mozilla, Creative Commons, Wikipedia).
  • Increase awareness of public media amongst 'people who make the web' -- bloggers, photographers, tweeters. Encourage them to see public media as an ally and outlet.
  • Grow open web awareness and participation amongst public media supporters. Get them contributing to public media not just by watching and donating, but also by creating content.

Key Messages

  • 1st message: Public media and the web share common values: communications as public resource.
  • 2nd message: The best way to preserve these values is to participate and embrace the open web.

Audience and geography

  • Public media organizations and producers (primary collaborators w/ Mozilla).
  • Public media audiences, especially most active supporters / least aware of public nature of the internet.
  • Bloggers, photographers and others producing user generated content on the web. Mozilla's extended community.
  • Up and coming developers and producers who see the potential of mashing up public media and the open web. People who want to show what's possible.
  • Works best in geographies with strong and innovative public media: Europe, Canada, Brasil. Could tie to things like PBS in US, but possibly divisive.

Campaigns and activities

  • Interactive programming and online conversation around the idea of the web as a public resource. Likely built around shows already focused on the Internet, like BBC's Digital Revolution or CBC's Spark. (Bongo)
    • Starts with things like getting people do video / audio on questions like 'why does the web matter to you?', then dives deeper over the course of a season.
  • Experiments with mixing social media / mass participation / new open web technology (HTML5) that paint a compelling picture of the future media commons. (Bongo)
  • Online campaign that showcases the innovative stories and examples from the intersection of public media and the open web. Make it easier for innovators to model best practices and connect and learn from each other.
  • Next 100 Years of Media Summit. Large Drumbeat event (Tympani) connecting public media producers with people building the open web. Focus on thought leadership / showcasing great content / hatching new plans.
    • Event results in: research / writing / thinking / press campaign about the common cause of public media organizations and communities like Mozilla.
  • Significant Conga ground game potential here around meetups and sprints where people prototype content. Need more info to design these.
  • Also, strong potential tie into the Mozilla's broader open video work. Some ideas here in this open video scenario.


  • Fit: Not clear. Speaks to Mozilla mission, but beyond what we've done (and our comfort zone?)
  • Appeal: High for people who already care about civic role of media. Very current and sexy topic.
  • Leverage: Potential to connect and leverage two large audiences high of we can build good partnerships w/ large public media orgs.
  • Timing: Good in terms of buzz and interest in this topic, but fact that this is new area / involves big partners means long start up time.
  • Impact: Could be huge if we're able to reframe long term thinking on public media and public web. Could get more open web tech and practices into public media, but this is more modest impact.
  • Fundraising: Not clear in terms of individual donations. Need more info. Could be significant grant opportunities from foundations concerned w/ future of media.


need to develop


  • How real are the potential alliances here? This is about bridging a cultural divide? Is it bridgeable? Worth bridging?
  • Is 'public media' too narrow. Do we also tie into broader debate about civic role of journalism in the US?
  • Building a long term, healthy bridge between citizen media and traditional media is probably a goal here. How best to express?