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This session is part of the Video Lab, where over two days we're aiming to build a tool that remixes video in the classroom. For an overview of what we're after, visit here first

Open video in education - the present and possible

  • Main contact: Brett Gaylor
  • Team: Brett Gaylor, Mozilla; David Humphrey, Center for Development of Open Technologies at Seneca College; Ben Moscovitz, Open Video Alliance; Wendy Levy, Bay Area Video Coalition; Nicholas Reville, Participatory Culture Foundation
  • Hosts: Mozilla, BAVC, Center for Development of Open Technology (CDOT)
  • Status: confirmed


To whet our appetite or the hacking ahead, we will look at some real-world examples of platforms out in the wild that are re-thinking the experience of watching video on the web - as well as some examples from different fields that can inspire us.

Ben Moscovitz from the Open Video Alliance will hand pick a few gems that presented at this years Open Video Conference.

Nicholas Reville will showcase the work of the Participatory Culture Foundation's work on the Universal Subtitles project.

Brett Gaylor and David Humphrey will demonstrate the work done by Mozilla's Web Made Movies project on popcorn.js.

Wendy Levy from the Bay Area Video Coalition will show some work that has come out of their Producers Institute, showcasing how storyworlds can be re-mixed and leveraged for the classroom.

The format will be "speed geek" presentations, where attendees will move through a series of presentations, buffet style, until their appetite for knowledge is sated. Please leave room for dessert, where we will learn how to use these technologies, in the [next session].