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Mozilla Drumbeat - Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

Drumbeat Rio: March 18, 16:00 - 19:00, FGV Rio sign up
Drumbeat São Paulo: March 22, 15:00 - 20:00, Casa de Cultura Digital sign up

Info in Portuguese here and here. See also, Rio and Sao Paulo agenda notes.

What is Mozilla Drumbeat?

Mozilla Drumbeat is a global community of people using web technology to understand, participate and take control of their online lives. Drumbeat provides a forum for people to share project ideas — and matches the most promising ideas with contributors, funds and guidance. For more, visit https://wwww.drumbeat.org.

What is Drumbeat?

Mozilla Drumbeat Camps are one-day participatory events for artists, educators, filmmakers, lawyers, bloggers, hackers -- anyone who wants to make the web better, and more open.

Drumbeat isn't just about talking and networking, but they’re also about doing and making things. Participants have a chance to propose their own Drumbeat projects, or get involved in projects that are already happening. See project list at: https://www.drumbeat.org/projects

We already have BarCamps for geeks and techies -- Drumbeat Camps are about creating space for *everyone* to get involved in cool projects that create a better internet. Most attendees are new to Mozilla and Drumbeat.

Why Brasil?

The internet is developing rapidly in Brasil, with Rio and São Paulo being homes to vibrant communities of web citizens. There’s no better place for the first Drumbeat Camps than Brasil, a rising and internationalist digital culture full of optimism and energy.

There are also opportunities for linking the Drumbeat Camps with other events in Brasil. On March 19th, for example, Fundação Getulio Vargas and the Open Video Alliance are hosting an open video seminar in Rio. Together, we hope these events will generate excitement, attention and engagement across Brasil.

Want to run a Drumbeat camp in your city?

Drumbeat camps establish local communities around creating a more open web and links them to projects on a global scale. At each camp, Mozilla will fly in and train a small number of community leaders who have agreed to facilitate a future Drumbeat Camp in their own city. Check our call for events proposals if you're interested or email bmagrani@mozilla.com for more info.

Organizers and attendees

Drumbeat in Brasil are being organized by local community leaders with support from Mozilla.

Rio Drumbeat Camp is being organized by the Center for Technologia and Society at FGV Direito Rio and Mozilla community members Erik and Bruno Magrani.

Sao Paulo Drumbeat Camp is being organized in conjunction with Pedro Markhun and DJ Pixel from Casa de Cultura Digital.

Mark Surman (Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation) is confirmed to attend.

Event details

Drumbeat Rio

March 18, 16:00 - 19:00
reception to follow

FGV Rio Law School
Praia de Botafogo
190 - 13° andar
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Drumbeat São Paulo

March 22, 15:00 - 17:00
reception to follow

Casa de Cultura Digital

Sign up for these events

Please add your name to the list of participants of either Drumbeat Rio or Drumbeat São Paulo.