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Drumbeat Rio and Drumbeat Sao Paulo

Local, community-run events are a core part of the Drumbeat strategy. These events invite teachers, artists, filmakers, bloggers, lawyers, web developers and anyone else who cares about the internet to talk about building and protecting the open web for the future. They also provide a place where people can contribute their skills and creativity to practical projects that make the open web better.

The first of these events will happen in Rio and Sao Paulo in late March. More info on these events in Portuguese here and here.


Goals for the first Drumbeat events happening in Rio and Sao Paulo are simple:

1. Get people comfortable w/ the idea of the open web. Encourage them to shape this idea so it makes sense in their own lives.

2. Introduce and explain Mozilla Drumbeat. Show both local and global projects that where everyday internet users put the open web into action.

3. Explore how people can use and shape Drumbeat in Brasil (or in any city or country where the events are happening).

There is also a 'meta goal' of testing our event model and content. In this sense, Rio and Sao Paulo are pilot events.


The agend maps to the goals outlined above. Here is a rough outline:

1. Get people comfortable w/ the idea of the open web.

a. Opening circle. Question: What is your first name? What is your first memory of using the Internet?

b. Brief welcome by facilitators in big circle of participants. Provide overview of goals, agenda, logistics.

c. Second exercise: 'spectrogram' interactive discussion where people respond to these statements:

-> 'the people I work with everyday love the internet'
-> 'I feel safe about my identity and information online'
-> 'I know what the open web is'

2. Introduce and explain Mozilla Drumbeat. Show projects that put the open web into action.

a. Very brief overview of the Drumbeat idea. Clearly emphasizes the opportunity that everyone in the room has to shape and participate in Drumbeat.


b. Speed geek presentations of projects that demonstrate the open web in action. Approximately 5 - 8 presentations, some local and some from existing global Drumbeat projects. These are rotating 5 minute lightning talks.

(note: in longer events, this will be followed by a chance to work with these projects or create new ones. however, we won't have time for this at brasil events as they are half day)

3. Explore how people can use and shape Drumbeat in Brasil.

a. Small groups discussions. What do you think of the Drumbeat idea? Could it be useful and interesting to you and the people you work with? What are some ideas for projects we could do in Brasil?

b. Paste post it's or index cards on wall with ideas and proposals from small groups. Brief report outs and reflections after this.

c. Closing circle and next steps.

Rio Details

Schedule and sign up:

March 18, 4pm to 7pm, reception follows FGV Law School. Sign up is here.

Speedgeek presentations:

Local facilitators:

  • Bruno Magrani
  • Erik

Sao Paulo Details

Schedule and sign up:

  • March 21, 1430 - 1900
  • reception follows
  • House of Digital Culture
  • sign up is here

Speedgeek presentations:

  • WebMadeMovies - Pedro
  • P2PU Open Web Skills - Bianca
  • Public Videos - Fabrico
  • Barulho Lab - Wilken
  • Privacy Icons - Mark
  • Teia MG - Marina

Local facilitators:

  • Pedro Markun
  • Daniela B. Silva
  • Bianca