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Come to Drumbeat Toronto. Join with people who want to make the web better. Show others how to do the same



Mozilla Drumbeat is a global community of people passionate about keeping the web vibrant, people who use the web to create things that improve and protect the open internet.

Drumbeat Toronto will be a fun day of hands-on exposure to the best of the open web. And Mozilla wants to find organizers for Drumbeat events in other North American cities.

If you've got a good idea for a Drumbeat event in your town, tell us about it and we might bring you to Toronto to experience the scene and learn what's involved in organizing a Drumbeat event.

Drumbeat Toronto will bring together artists, teachers, lawyers, filmmakers, techies, hackers and anyone else who wants to make the web better and more fun. You'll get a chance to see some of the most exciting new projects that are shaping the future of the life online, and to learn how you can get involved. Complete details, including times and address, are at http://www.drumbeat.org/events/drumbeat-toronto.

Drumbeat Toronto promises to be a festive gathering with an interactive, hands-on agenda shaped by the interests, experiences, and passions of those who show up. Sessions already scheduled for Toronto include:


Projects you'll meet and get a chance to work with include:

  • WebMadeMovie: An open source documentary about the web, but the web. Help imagine the web we want in 50 years.
  • P2PU Open Web Skills: Take a course. Be a mentor. Tweak a textbook. Create a generation that builds their careers on open web technologies.
  • Stopbadware.org: Tell, document and share stories about how badware impacts everyday internet users
  • Universal Subtitles: making it easy for anyone to create and view subtitles for videos on the web
  • Privacy icons. Help design simple icons that make it easier to understand your online privacy rights.

Anyone can propose their own Drumbeat project, or join in projects that are already happening. You can see the latest project list at http://wiki.mozilla.org/Drumbeat/projects/projectmanagement

But we need people to create events that inspire Drumbeat projects and participation!

Sound appealing? Are you looking for other people who feel the same way and want to work on cool open web projects? Organizing a Mozilla Drumbeat event in your town or city is a good way to start making the web better. If you're ready to organize a Drumbeat event, just send us the info below. Or learn more before letting us know.

If you want to organize a Drumbeat event in your city, drop an email to drumbeat@mozilla.org. You should briefly tell us:

  1. Who are you? Why do you want to organize a Drumbeat event?
  2. What kind of people will you invite? How many do you hope will come?
  3. Where and when do you want to organize the event? Do you have a location you can use (school, community center, etc.)?
  4. What are the Drumbeat project ideas that you'd most like to talk about at your event? They could be from this existing list or projects that you propose.

People who express interest in organizing an event in their city by April 15 will have a chance to participate in Drumbeat Organizer Training sessions. Mozilla will offer a small handful of travel scholarships to support attendance.

Mozilla Drumbeat. Get involved. Help keep the web open for the next 100 years.