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Organize a local Mozilla Drumbeat Event

Project Headline

Bring the Drumbeat Drum Circle to your Community

Short Description

All around the world the drumbeat community is finding ways to make the internet more open and better. Bring the excitement of drumbeat to your community by hosting a local drumbeat event to raise awareness about drumbeat, the community, and the projects, provide an audience for presentations and open web ideas, host hack-a-thons or do-a-thons or simply get together people who want to talk about the open web.

How does this project make the web better?

Increasing awareness of why the open web is helps mobilize support to keep it open. Hosting a drumbeat event increases understanding of the open web and serves as an opportunity to launch new projects or contribute to existing efforts to make the web more open.

Some Tags

presentation, open-web, events, community

Participation Ask

Organize a Drumbeat Event in your community

We need people to organize places where people can come together to talk and take action around making the web more open. Your event could be a stand alone event or it could piggyback a conference or other event (think TEDx or Ignite talks)

Some potential activities for your event:


Basic guidelines for Drumbeat events:

  • Ensure: The Drumbeat Logo is on your cover slide
  • Spirit: Your Drumbeat event must maintain the spirit of Drumbeat: that everyone can help contribute to making the web better, more open and more participatory.
  • Presentations: Any presentations that are made during the Drumbeat event should be recorded and licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution License so that others in the drumbeat community around the world
  • Partner: Your Drumbeat event need not be a stand alone event. Consider hosting a drumbeat event in conjunction with a barcamp, ignite talk, another local event or even a conference.
  • Cost/Tickets: Any Drumbeat event must be free, at most attendees could be charged a nominal fee to cover the cost of renting space
  • Sponsorship: (Mark do we want to say anything about this? Is there a Mozilla policy)? You may attach sponsors to your event, but you must submit a list of potential sponsors to Mozilla Drumbeat for approval before contacting any.
  • Following Your Event:
    • Upload any videos, presentations or documents and link to them on the Drumbeat Website
    • Create a summary page of ideas that were discussed or shared on the Drumbeat Website
    • Blog (and get others to blog) about the event
  • Social Media: Please do encourage attendees to blog, tweet and other wise share their thoughts. Hashtag for Drumbeat Events are #DrumB + a three letter city code (e.g. Vancouver could be #DrumBVan or #DrumBYVR)

What kind of volunteers or helpers do we need?

  • Local organizers to sponsor and organize Open Web Presentation events in their community


  • Google Groups to organize your event
  • Youtube, your blog, slidecast, anywhere you can post slides with audio and link to it.

Goals, Metrics & Milestones


Organizers: Anyone with the willingness to organize and a passion for the open web Participants:

  • Open Web activists
  • Coders/hackers
  • It would be nice if events branched out and were safe for people traditional outside of the tech community



Partners and Collaborators

Would be ideal if Mozilla could partner with O'Reilly around the Ignite talks, have the best ignite talks on the open web submitted.

Upcoming Events Where Presentations will be Taking Place