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Mozilla is developed in the open as a collaborative public good. Decisions are discussed and finalized in the open, with the opportunity for public engagement. Contributions to the project come from around the world, from volunteers, from employees of large companies, from employees of small companies, and also from the Mozilla Corporation itself.

This open, public, collaborative structure makes it possible for anyone to become engaged in the process of fixing, improving, and advancing Mozilla.

Because the Mozilla community is so large (one of the largest open source communities in the world), and so globally distributed, different communication channels and media are used. Depending on the type of work you are doing, one or more of the tools below will be necessary to connect with the Mozilla community.


Mozilla uses wikis for documenting code, planning, proposals and more. Anyone can join Mozilla's wikis and edit content. Learn what content can be found on what wiki.

Mailing Lists

Learn how to find and join in relevant discussions for Mozilla topics that interest you. Whether programming, design or marketing is your speciality, there is a group for you.

Blogs and Planets

Find the personal blogs of Mozilla's most active contributors. Let the community know how to find your own Mozilla blogging.


IRC is a real-time chat protocol used extensively by Mozilla's most active developers to co-ordinate activities. Almost all open source projects have IRC channels, but Mozilla is large enough that it has its own server, with hundreds of channels. Learn how to use IRC clients and find the best channel to get your questions answered.


Every change to Mozilla starts with a bug report. If you don't know how to file a bug, find existing bugs, or submit patches to bugs then you can't contribute. Learn how.


Knowing someone with experience who can guide you through the Mozilla community helps. If you are a student taking a Mozilla related course at your institution ask your professor about finding someone in the community who can mentor you. Also, don't forget to join #Education.