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Marcio notes

  • Team background doc is :
  • Team - Thiago is busy in school during first seminar - marcio taking notes;
  • Team - Noticed that Watinha, another group, is also located in the same city at local USP university - we may attend some seminars together;
  • We may use GitHub as a repository - Thiago and Marcio are familiar
  • Seminar Technicalities - Brian/Folks - the video on vimeo is the best resource for the technical demos, stuff like this:
  • Seminar Technicalities - Screencast for slides was fine but the screencast was just impossible to see;
  • Get a feel on other JetPack usages: and the JetPack Gallery -
  • Technical questions on JetPack - #jetpack and #learning
  • Goal - next week to have Thiago and Marcio to check Jetpack specs/API and the general usage feeling ( try out things ) and check against the project ideas and come up with a feasibility list; We consider this first 15 days feasibility triage round.