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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the seminars

What if I miss a seminar? Will there be a recording?

Yes! We will make recordings of all seminars available on the course outline page, for participants to catch up if they miss a seminar, and for other interested parties to follow along.

Questions about the submissions

Why is there an age restriction on participation?

Because the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge (unlike similar Mozilla Labs challenges) includes an in-person component, namely the Design Camp in Austin TX, we decided to restrict minors from formal participation. You need to be at least 18 years old in order not to be considered a minor under Texas law.

Can individuals apply or do I have to apply as part of a team?

The Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge is open to individuals and teams. While we think it would be easier to work in multi-disciplinary teams, we are not giving them preferential treatment. We are interested in good ideas above all.

Do I have to use Jetpack, or can I build other Firefox add-ons as well?

We think Jetpack is a great way to let more people customize and extend the web-browser and we are interested in how it could be used for social learning. However Jetpack is still new and there are some things that other add-on technologies might be better suited for. In those cases, it's not a problem to use something else. The team that is putting together the tutorials includes experts on Jetpack and general add-on development, so you can be sure you'll get the support you need.

Questions about technical support JetPack Learning

IRC channel support and the #education or #jetpack for questions. These channels can be helpful to get information on the needed technical aspects.