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Join or Start a team

Are you interested in submitting an idea to the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge, but would prefer to work on it in a small team? Post a little information about yourself (including contact details) here, or have a look at the people who already posted bios and contact them. We encourage applications from multi-disciplinary teams.

Make sure you include background on your skills and expectations. Are you interested in working on the design or the software development parts of the project, or do you see yourself providing input and guidance with respect to the educational use of your project?

Potential collaborators (add your name or find others to work with)

  • Name, Email (name AT domain DOT org), URL, Brief background (Designer? Educator? Programmer?)
  • Jason B. Jones, E-mail:, URL: [1], Background: I'm an associate professor of English at Central Connecticut State University, and an editor of We're interested in building an add-on for assessing online projects. More details at our site: [2]
  • Thomas F. Brown ( I'm a sociology professor at a community college in San Antonio. I teach in a computer classroom, supported by a self-built and self-maintained Moodle site on a shared server. I'm interested in E-portfolios, peer assessment of student research and writing, social bookmarking, and potentially other projects as well.
  • Gary Johnson (gary.johnson.53 AT I would like to build a computer based training application and a set of tools for cooking. One of the principles driving this is "Less is More". That a focused and integrated tool could be better than 1,000 web sites. I have built a working prototype illustrating some of the possibilities available at: [3]. I am a software engineer. I am experienced with Firefox as a development environment. I am looking for software developers and beginning and experienced cooks. One of the core challenges here is that unless you have been to a cooking school, everyone brings different levels of knowledge and experience to their cooking challenges. Ideas and approaches on how to address this problem for computer literate, self directed learners are needed.
  • Bryan W. Berry, (bryan _at_ olenepal dot org) URL: Background: Part linux-geek, part organizer. Co-led the One Laptop Per Child project in Nepal from grassroots community organization to becoming part of national policy. I oversaw the deployment of laptops to 2000 Nepali schoolchildren and the training of 150 teachers. Currently focused on creating interactive, open-source, learning materials with openweb technologies for grades k-8 . I am interested in using Jetpack to store homework done offline in the browser and allow the student to "turn it in" when she returns to school. "Turning in" digital homework is actually a really tough problem that would require several people.
  • Anna De Liddo, E-mail:, Background: I'm Research Associate at Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University (Milton Keynes, UK). We are interested in developing an add-on to provide learners with an environment for them to reflect critically and engage with documents, ideas and people online and directly through their browser. We work at the development of Cohere a tool to support critical thinking and collaborative sensemaking. More info can be found here URL: