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You have a great idea for a project, but don't have the time or skills to make it real? Feel free to post your idea here. Add your name and contact in case you want to be kept up to date.

There is no guarantee that anyone will tackle your project!

Project Ideas

  • Project Title: Project Description. Any URLs you can link to as examples or to provide more background. Your name and contact details.
  • Open Learning Widget: My "big idea" is that we build an open learning widget that allows the user to select their area of learning, to delve down into subareas as needed, and to come up with not only a list of courses, but how to get credit as well. It would have to use machine learning techniques to store OCW websites in a database and then create dynamic categorizations, so that the user never comes up with an empty search. Then using statistical analysis to understand which courses are related to which others most so that similar courses can be grouped. Finally, we would need to allow a user to chart their educational path and compare it to degree and certificate paths among our member institutions. Something like that would give a lot of value to the OCWC membership, because it would direct learners to our member universities. Anonymous.
  • Backpack: A jetpack that synchronizes homework done offline with a moodle server hosted at the school. To do this, the learning application would have to store the homework in a format that Backpack can access. Backpack would also need to store the student's moodle login credentials. Possibly would have to write a web service for moodle side to handle the synchronization.