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Publicizing the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge

This page tracks efforts to publicize the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge to potential participants.

Publicity efforts directed at the Mozilla community

Publicity efforts directed at educators

  • Philipp blog post [done]
  • announcement to participants in previous Mozilla-sponsored Open|Web|Content|Education course [done]
  • announcement to Teaching Open Source mailing list [done]
  • Tweets by ccLearn (via Philipp) [done]
  • announcement on the UNESCO OER wiki and to OER mailing list [done]
  • University of Cape Town Center for Educational Technology (via Philipp -> Tony, Eve, Cheryl, Laura) [done]
  • University of California Irvine OCW project (via Philipp -> Larry Cooperman) [done]
  • German OER community (via Philipp -> Basti/Cervus, Andrea Goetzke/newthinking) [done]
  • Talis Incubator (via Philipp -> Nadeem, Chris) [done]
    • Mentioned on Talis blog
  • Shuttleworth Foundation network (via Philipp) [done]
  • Started group discussions about Jetpack for Learning in the following groups on Linked-In (Richard) [done]
    • The K12Tech Group - 592 members
    • Teacher's Lounge Group - 1871 members
    • The Education Consultants Network Group - 247 members
    • Technology Integration in Education Group - 2302 members
    • Math, Math Education, Math Culture Group - 953 members
    • Science Math Primary/Secondary Education Group - 346 members
    • Project RED Group - 16 members
  • WikiEducator List (Philipp) [done]
  • Posted video promo to YouTube (Richard) [done]

Open source / ICT community

  • TacticalTech (via Philipp -> Marek) [done]
  • India (Sunil, Gautam John) (via Philipp) [done]