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   *  HTML5 - Video, Audio, Canvas, Geolocation, and more
         o Audio (
         o Video (
         o Geolocation
         o Canvas
         o Drag and Drop 
   * Summative Evaluations with RITE
   * Localization
         o Internationalization/Localization API
         o Localization environment 

Laurian Gridinoc: (I'm confused about the state of RDFa in (X)HTML5 )

Laurian Gridinoc: cannot hear

Brian King:

Ben Longoria: I can still hear

Laurian Gridinoc: no sound, will rejoin the meeting

Laurian Gridinoc: ok

Marcio Galli: k

Marc HooverNotes: ok! your sound is much better andy :P

Marcio Galli: I certainly want to understand how to get the encoded data and how to send to a server;

Laurian Gridinoc: another html5 resource

Marcio Galli: When using XPCOM from the JetPAck there is a sort of whitelist fo available XPCOM objects?

Marcio Galli: k

Christian Glahn: are they actually locked out right now?

Christian Glahn: the XPCOMs are mostly available right now

Christian Glahn: I had no problems accessing any of them

Christian Glahn: (or I poked only at the allowed bits)

Laurian Gridinoc: me too, I use several of them

Laurian Gridinoc: cannot wait for WebGL

Laurian Gridinoc: also works perfect on firefox/canvas

Ben Longoria: The Compound DOM SVG & XUL is very interesting

Andy Edmonds: Ben: See for my MS work images

Ben Longoria: Sweet! Thanks for the link

Andy Edmonds: will you talk about flavors Brian?

Ben Longoria: When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative; when the guests taste the soup, that’s summative

Laurian Gridinoc: so we have to bribe only one tester :)

Christian Glahn: panel?

Christian Glahn: ahh

Laurian Gridinoc: json bundles would be better than DTDs

Brian King:

Marcio Galli: localizationlocalization :)

Ben Longoria: Yep

Marc HooverNotes: yes

Brian King:

Ben Longoria: What potential hurdles are there for calling a remote xul file in a slidebar?

Laurian Gridinoc: Marcio, you got drag/drop from content to slidebar, right?

Andy Edmonds: Ben: hard to guess, nothing comes to mind

Ben Longoria: hmm

Marcio Galli: Yep. Was able to drop toslidebar fine.

Michelle Bachler: Me too

Laurian Gridinoc: great, I must do it :)

Ben Longoria: Yes I've heard about that

Ben Longoria: Use XUL :)

Ben Longoria: That's the usecase

Brian King: Ben:

Ben Longoria: Brian: yyeeessh

Ben Longoria: XUL should stick to local

Ben Longoria: add-on

Brian King: XUL has (OS) native widgets

Ben Longoria: I'll skim those bugzilla links

Ben Longoria: later

Ben Longoria: Not just the widgets, it's layout

Ben Longoria: I don't want to prematurely optimize portability though

Andy Edmonds: Ben: you want flex?

Andy Edmonds: there are some js libraries that do that

Ben Longoria: :)

Erik Larson: could you post in here the link to the tab jetpack that used canvas?

Ben Longoria: Why do you say Flex?

Andy Edmonds: (not jquery UI, but YUI and extjs approach it)

Ben Longoria: the attribute or Flash technology

Andy Edmonds: Flex as in the XUL attribute

Ben Longoria: :)

Andy Edmonds: (not the Adobe tech)

Ben Longoria: flex, hbox, vbox

Ben Longoria: yes

Ben Longoria: The CSS flexbox stuff looks cool

Ben Longoria: but is only part of the puzzle

Ben Longoria: And is that even in Firefox yet? CSS flexbox?

Laurian Gridinoc: the survey should be in a slidebar! :)

Erik Larson: I lost sound

Laurian Gridinoc: me too, but I refpreshed the page and hot it back

Ben Longoria: Thanks all of you

Michelle Bachler: bye thanks

Mike Fischthal: thanks everyone! this has really been great

Marcio Galli: nice; thanks !

Laurian Gridinoc: I will watch for Apple news :)

Marc HooverNotes: thanks to you!

Emre Sevinc: Thanks for the wonderful experience...

Willian Massami Watanabe: Thank you all for every thing bye

thomas Ullmann: Thank you all! And see you around