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  • bug 1261842 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs
    • Second iteration of core patches up for review. Waiting on feedback from smaug and jdm.
  • bug 1241892 - "Page Info" context menu items don't work in sidebar (was intentionally broken in bug 1238180)
    • Fallout from some CPOW removal, now fixed.
  • bug 1271607 - The new window's size is modified if the last closed window had pinned tabs
    • Fixed, landed
  • Picking up bug 1284687 - WebExtension page causes Firefox shutdown to hang
  • Did second announcement to Firefox teams that e10s bugs are becoming their responsibility. e10s section of the meeting notes are here.


  • bug 1252877 - Add support for taking plugin window captures at the start of a scroll - patches pretty much ready for review



beta 48 week4 analysis is reviewed and up [1]

  • We're up to 590k users in the "test" branch (ie, successfully running with multiple processes), up from 569k from last week
  • Everything else seems largely unchanged. So if something's getting worse or better, it is doing so ever so slowly


  • A11y+e10s runs on my surface book, but is very unstable due to bug 1270916 - apparently I have the first consistent repro
  • IAccessible2 support not quite there yet (ie, screen reader support still needs work)
  • Patch queue is getting unwieldy - going to land what I can and we can start with touchscreen testing