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EPS Engagement Q2 2011

EPS Engagement Goals:

1. Make WT a easy source to go to to see if your campaign is successful
  • Make access to webtrends data and reports super-duper easy for end-users to consume
    • Marketing dashboard
    • Create custom profile view with just the right amount of reports
    • More custom reports that show what we care about most
  • Make sure we track all different types of conversion events
    • newsletter signups, army of awesome participants, SUMO contributors, more
  • Get a better idea of what interests our visitors the most
    • Easier tracking of on-site promotions
    • Custom report for ad tracking tags
2. Get Mozilla to the next level in Web Analytics or "Up our Web Analytics Game"
  • Make more data based decisions
    • Empower people to use data for good
  • Unearth more insights from the data
    • Are there reports that we don't have, that would help?
  • Help program owners own their data
    • Training program during employee on-boarding

Meeting Notes

See all open Webtrends bugs here (or https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=runnamed&namedcmd=Webtrends&list_id=343218)


Intro call. Reviewed goals from above.

Next Actions:

  • Create a report template. Laura/Chrissie to choose which subset of reports should show. Segment reports into templates. From OnDemand. [DONE here] DONE
  • Laura Follow-up on email conversion event bug (646992) DONE
  • Brad poke around our profiles and get familiar with our sampling, etc. DONE
  • Laura look at reports Brad sent on WT usage DONE
  • Solidify a strategy for tracking events per bug 646992 (email signup) DONE - BUG STILL OPEN. BRAD INVESTIGATING TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION
    • DONE - Brad update bug 646992 with implementation instructions and then creat a attribution report within Webtrends (LAURA TO FILE)
  • Decide on timeframe to implement new Engagement Profile. Laura to file bug with specifics on whose accounts to apply to. (LAURA TO FILE)
    • Laura to file a bug and specify: 1. what user accounts that template should be applied to 2. what profiles that should should be applied to
    • Brad to then build that template and assign it.
  • Brad: follow up on profile and sampling investigations. Any questions on our account we can help answer? [Not at this time but may take a while to wrap head around]
  • Profile limits. We can export data and delete profile then make space for more. OR we can converse with account manager about increasing LAURA ARCHIVING OLD OR ABANDONED ACCOUNTS
  • Brad to look up proper archival process and Mozilla to implement. Another option is to combine domains and create custom reporting on that. (UPDATE?)
  • Review new bug 651589
  • Review new bug 651587
  • Review new offsite link bug 651593 automatic link tracking should solve this. need to implement within our current code. add a couple of functions to our current code. more updates in bug. 
  • Review existing bug 646992 - I have a couple of questions before sending to dev as noted in bug. (Brad to send possible report options to see page navigation for next week)
  • End of month check-in. We're now at the end of April 2011. While things have progressed with the relationship, all original bugs remain open and unresolved, which means we'll be kicking off May a bit behind our goals.
  • Next steps: Brad- update all bugs with a time estimates as to what's left to do and how much time it will take, any dependencies to getting these things done, and date of *anticipated* completion. Will also provide a hour breakdown and share with Chrissie and Laura. At meeting next week will present recommendations for tagging standards to use moving forward. :)
  • Bug list here
  • Reveived and reviewed tagging proposal from Brad
  • Time to implement new tagging proposal! Updated all open WT bugs with tagging direction
  • Brad to be implementation point person from here if WebDev has questions
  • Rolling out conversion events first
  • Funnel/Scenario Report Update: Last week Brad ran out of hours. Laura to send Brad a overview of the funnels we'd like to track. (file bug for each) - not sure if path analysis vs. scenario analysis vs. other types of reporting would be best. Point to the current download funnel.
  • Laura update all of our open bugs with Priorities
  • Is there tagging that needs to be implemented that you haven't seen bugs for? - Answer: Probably - tracking onsite ads. Let's first track conversion events and then roll-out the tagging to ads
  • Brad to look at "Onsite Ad Clickthroughs By Page" to see if this out of the box ad tracking is working - report looks off. We basically want to know how our promos are performing on each page. (Impressions, Clicks, and CTR)


  • Scenarios sent by Laura

Open Questions:

  • Need more profiles. How much do they cost?
  • Onsite Ad Clickthrough by Page - how is that working now? [No, need to implement tagging. Laura to open but to implement that on the /new page. Brad to advise on tagging sytax to use if Devs have Q's about his document]

Next Steps:

  • Account manager to contact Laura about adding more profiles
  • Brad to look over sceario reports sent by Laura and then recommend best way to implement
  • Continue to make progress on current open tagging bugs


  • Are we ready to implement scenario reporting? (funnels) [Yes- Laura can start filing bugs and assigning to Brad]
  • Report creation based on bug tagging that has been deployed

Open Questions:

Next Steps:

  • Laura to file bugs for conversion event for marketing campaigns and scenario report (same tag can track both) within one bug. For mobile, only conversion event is needed (also tag the /m page with the same tagging), for Join Mozilla: both scenario and conversion event, for Newsletter signup we'll use both.
  • Brad to keep an eye on the Newsletter Conversion Report to make sure data starts to flow in and that data is correct
  • Laura to set priority levels of all bugs!


  • Filed next round of scenario reporting - Any questions on those bugs?
  • JS code regression on Mozilla.org - What happened? Next steps?
  • Status on Newsletter Conversion Report
  • Bug Priorities: Let's focus on finishing the quarter strong by generating all possible reports based on the tagging we now have in place (will be more to come depending on scenario tagging)

Next Steps

  • Brad to send his analysis regarding if we should use SmartView to track link data or not
  • Laura to file merge bugs & email James Long to put him in contact w/Brad from the start
  • Laura file content category bug
  • Laura update this wiki with Q3 goals established ^
  • Questions about the new WT user experience. What reports can they see? What profiles? Why do so many people see "No data available"? When creating a new user account what category should they be put into?

A: New user receive a email linking to the Analytics ("A10") dashboard. When creating a new account assign all new users to the "Standard" role and they should be able to see all the reports needed.

  • DCS Tracking - add info to a wiki page here. #1 implementation code to use and an example of that, #2 steps on how to create a custom report that shows the amount of clicks.
  • Review this new bug to see if Brad has any questions