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GDC Next/ADC 2014

Mozilla is a Gold Sponsor of GDC Next/ADC 2014. Our activities here are to support the objectives of showcasing FIrefox OS, developer tools such as the Firefox Tools Adapter, and teasing the Firefox 10 developer browser.

Latest Updates

Update date: Oct 24, 2014
- Map posting
- Summary of activities

The Basics

Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Dates: November 3-4, 2014
Audience: 4000 game developers
General Schedule
Project Document Hub specific access required
Project Brief Mozillians access only
Attendee Handbook View only

Branding and Messaging

Lead Product: Firefox OS
Supporting Products: Firefox, Developer Tools, Hello


Click here for interactive map.

Summary of Mozilla Activities

1) Mozilla Booth

  • * 10’ x 20’ booth space at location #317
  • * 3 demo pods, 1 reception pod
  • * Hands-on product demos (desktop, mobile, tools)
  • * Developer browser teaser
  • * Giveaways

2) Mozillian speakers

  • * Bill Walker: “Building an Ecosystem for Games on the Web (Presented by Mozilla)”
  • * Harald Kirschner: “Mozilla Showcase: The Web is the Platform for Gaming (Presented by Mozilla)”
  • * Dave Camp: “Tools for HTML5 Development (Presented by Mozilla)”

3) Mozilla BD Social

  • * Monday, Nov 3, 7p-9p
  • * 30 invited attendees
  • * Mozilla speakers, Mark Mayo, and Event Staff on hand


Logistics: Robyn Chau
Content: Dave Camp, Bill Walker