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Welcome to "The Big 5" Events Page!

Items on this page are relative to the Apps & Marketplace team's campaign to have a significant, increased presence at 4 large developer events between June and December 2014.

Selection Criteria

Mozilla sponsors and supports many developer events throughout the year, in a variety of ways and at a variety of levels. For this particular campaign, we selected very specific events to target and at which to have a larger-than-typical presence.

  • Events must be "large." This means there must be more than 1000 attendees at the event.
    • Note: The original request was for 4 large events, but as JSConf EU is 500 attendees, we added it as a 5th event.
  • We looked to reach developers from each of the following developer communities: web builders/creators, open source, gaming, and mobile.
  • Geography factored into the event selection process in that we sought to choose events that are being held in areas where we have a significant Mozilla community.

The Big 5

1. Open Source Convention – Jul. 20-24, Portland, OR, USA
2. BrazilJS – Aug. 21-22, Porto Alegre, Brazil
3. JSConf EU – Sep. 13-14, Berlin, Germany
4. GDC Next/App Developer Conference – Nov. 3-4, Los Angeles, CA, USA
5. Øredev – Nov. 5-7, Malmö, Sweden

Goals and Objectives

We're seeking to have increased visibility at each of these events. We want event attendees to know Mozilla is here, Mozilla is a champion of the web, and Mozilla is doing awesome things!

These events are serving as vehicles through which we are looking to achieve the 2014 goals of the Marketplace, Developer Tools, and Developer Relations teams at an accelerated pace. These teams' goals ultimately support the overall Mozilla Project's goals for 2014 as well.

Guerrilla, or creative and nontraditional, marketing techniques are being employed to bolster Mozilla's presence and augment more traditional event activities such as speakers, a booth, workshops, etc.

Want to get involved?

If you'd like to get involved in any of these events, by contributing your ideas, your time, your presence, etc., please reach out to the following Content Leaders for each event: