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OSCON 2014

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2014

OSCON 2014 is the first of our "Big 5" events for the Apps & Marketplace, Developer Tools, and Developer Relations teams.

The Basics

Location: Portland, OR, USA
Dates: July 20-24, 2014
Audience: 3,000 open source developers
General Schedule: click here

Branding and Messaging

Lead Product: Firefox OS
Supporting Products: Firefox, Firefox for Android, Developer Tools

Summary of Mozilla Activities

  • Mozilla stand space (10’x10’) at Oregon Convention Center
    • Hands-on desktop & mobile demos
    • Attendee data collection (survey)
    • Swag/giveaways
      • Tier 1: MDN, Firefox, Firefox OS, Webmaker stickers, CTA cards
      • Tier 2: Lanyards and Firefox t-shirts (custom wrapper)
      • Tier 3 (raffle): Flame devices (x3)
  • "Coffee and Donuts on Mozilla" on site at Oregon Convention Center
    • Mozilla is bringing local companies Portland Roasting Company + Voodoo Donuts offering coffee and donuts in the morning on both expo days
    • Mozilla support staff interacting with attendees, handing out swag
  • Mozilla Portland Office Social Event, Wed. July 23, 7p-9p
    • Firefox DevTools, Firefox OS and AMO Expert Discussions
    • Desktop and mobile demos
    • Food & beverages
    • Local airbrush tattoo artist, Damian Zari
  • Mozilla Speakers
    • "Elasticsearch: The Missing Tutorial" - Laura Thomson and Erik Rose
    • "Getting Started Contributing to Firefox OS" - Benjamin Kerensa and Alex Lakatos
    • "How to Become a Media [Wiki] Hacker" - Harsh Kothari
  • Mozilla BoF Sessions
    • Webmaker BoF - Emma Irwin
    • General Mozilla BoF - Benjamin Kerensa
  • Mozillian Press Interviews
    • Opensource.com - Benjamin Kerensa
    • Linux Format Magazine - Benjamin Kerensa


Logistics: Robyn Chau
Content: Benjamin Kerensa