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Developer Relations
Team Lead: Stormy Peters Mailing List: engagement-developers@lists.mozilla.org
The Developer Relations community's mission is to enable, inspire and collaborate to make the Web the primary platform used to create experiences across all connected devices.
  • We work with product teams to communicate how developers benefit from Mozilla products and open technologies, to achieve our mission and product plans.
  • We provide information, examples, and direct interaction, online and at events, so that developers (within Mozilla and in the broader Web community) understand and adopt open technologies and products.
  • We foster the capabilities of Mozillians to communicate about Mozilla's initiatives and values to developers, so that Mozilla's developer community can grow.

DevRel 2014 Goals

Developer Relations has adopted 5 primary goals for focusing our efforts in 2014. The first two are being measured using external industry benchmarks from Vision Mobile.

  • 24.5 % of mobile web developers using open web technologies. (17%, July 2013.)
  • 24.5% of apps developed in HTML5 across all platforms. (17%, July 2013.)
  • Original goal of 13,000 apps in the Firefox Marketplace; revised goal in June to incorporate quality measure: target is now 6,000 apps coupled with an average of at least one app install per Marketplace visit by consumers (1,448 total app count in July 2013; 4,600 apps with one app instal per MP visit in July 2014)
  • 1,000 developers/month contributing to Developer Relations activities. (473 active MDN doc contributors in July 2013; 710 MDN doc contributors as part of 1073 total active DevRel contributors in July 2014)
  • 30% of web devs that use HTML5 use Firefox Developer Tools as their primary tool set. (15% in July 2014; 21% in July 2014)

A mid-year update on how we are tracking against these goals can be watched on AirMozilla; slides are here.

DevRel 2014 Project Dashboard

DevRel has a number of projects to support the initiatives below. To see the latest status (updated roughly each week starting in February 2014), check out: DevEngage 2014 Program Status. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to Diane Tate (diane@mozilla and diane on IRC).


Are you looking for sponsorship or speakers for a developer-oriented event? Please submit a request via this form:
Developer Events Request. You can track Mozilla's participation in various events around the world using the 'Where is Mozilla' calendar on MDN.


Every Tuesday at 9am PST we hold a community meeting to talk about various developer project and activities. Details, agendas and minutes are here

Hacks Blog

This covers both development tips and tricks in general, and also looks at features in Mozilla's products from a technical perspective. Hacks Details

"DevPulse" Monthly Communication

DevPulse Monthly Newsletter spanning all things Developer + Mozilla


Want to give a presentation for Mozilla? Templates and other resources all found here.


For more information about our current projects, please check out our team pages.

Technical Evangelism
Team Lead: Mark Coggins Mailing List: evangelism@lists.mozilla.org
Mozilla's Technology Evangelism group engages with developers and the broader web community to:
  • Share the Mozilla mission of openness, innovation and opportunity on the web
  • Encourage adoption of open web standards and open standards-based technology created by Mozilla and others in support of our mission
  • Provide developer enablement resources
  • Collect and champion developer feedback on Mozilla initiatives and technology
  • Understand competing initiatives and technology from for-profit players

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)
Team Lead: Ali Spivak Mailing List: dev-mdc@lists.mozilla.org
MDN is an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform.