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Technical Evangelism
Team Lead: Mark Coggins Mailing List: n/a
Mozilla's Technology Evangelism group engages with developers and the broader web community to:
  • Share the Mozilla mission of openness, innovation and opportunity on the web
  • Encourage adoption of open web standards and open standards-based technology created by Mozilla and others in support of our mission
  • Provide developer enablement resources
  • Collect and champion developer feedback on Mozilla initiatives and technology
  • Understand competing initiatives and technology from for-profit players


Communication Channels

Name Description Location Notes
Hacks Blog Information about open web technology of interest to developers. Editorial guidelines and calendar
Hacks YouTube Video Channel Videos of talks, demonstrations and how-tos. Mozhacks on YouTube
Hacks on Twitter Tweets about open web technology. @mozhacks
Firefox Apps & Hacks A (more-or-less) monthly newsletter for developers focused on Firefox OS, Firefox Marketplace, the Open Web Apps ecosystem Sign up at the bottom of DevHub

Team: Role & Focus

Name Role Q2 Focus
Mark Coggins Team lead. Plan and lead execution of the Firefox OS developer engagement initiative.
Frédéric Harper Firefox OS Evangelist. Work his magic to help Firefox OS developers to be successful. Recruit developers--and their apps--to the Firefox OS platform.
Christian Heilmann Principal Developer Evangelist. Making the world love HTML5 and the open web as much as I do. Helping Mozilla folk to speak to developers. Train and recruit speaker reps on Firefox OS, lead myth-busting efforts around HTML5, create Firefox OS developer video series.
Havi Hoffman Content wrangler. Creating developer content, planning developer events and moving information across time and space. Strategy for Firefox OS Workshops and "Phones for App" program.
Robert Nyman Technical Evangelist. Editor of Mozilla Hacks. Increase readership of Hacks Blog.
Jason Weathersby Firefox OS Evangelist. Recruit developers--and their apps--to the Firefox OS platform.

Key Q2 Goals

  • Under discussion

Key Initiatives