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Welcome to the 9th edition of DevPulse: a monthly glance at stuff happening among and for developers, sourced by many. Our goal is to create greater transparency and collaboration around the various efforts at Mozilla to support mobile, web & app developers.

Developer world news

  • VisionMobile is conducting its quarterly Developer Economics survey to uncover the latest developer trends in mobile, Internet of Things, and back-end infrastructure development. We use these results to help plan our developer efforts, so your 10 minutes to complete (and share the survey link prolifically with your developer peers) is invaluable!
  • HTML5 - it's now a thing! At least, per the W3C (h/t hoosteeno). You can see lots of industry leaders' responses at HTML5Doctor, and Mozilla's own from CTO Andreas Gal.

App & Web Developer Perspectives

  • The Guardian just launched a new website and how they did it is significant: the site was developed entirely in the open, with the code in a public GitHub repo and the design being refined in a public beta and detailed in a project blog. This post outlines approach, tools and philosophy behind this project.
  • Over three years ago Netscape founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen declared that software is eating the world. Things are evolving. Now Andreessen's firm says "There is no point in drawing a distinction between the future of technology and the future of mobile." In short, mobile is eating the world. Don't miss slide 5, where the firm predicts that by 2020, mobile and internet access will be interchangeable.

Project & Event Highlights

  • What's this we are hearing about a Developer Browser? Get a sneak preview from Mozilla's blog today.

Lots of MDN newness and goodness

  • New emails: Translated welcome emails on MDN launched! And they are kicking butt, driving noticeable differences including 17,000% more edits to articles (6.09% vs. 0.03%) vs. other sources of traffic. See more stats, published openly in Bugzilla.
  • New GitHub login: you can now sign into to MDN using your GitHub account in addition to Mozilla Persona. You can also associate an existing MDN account with GitHub. To do so, sign in to MDN and visit the account connections page. In the 2 weeks since launch, MDN added 1,156 GitHub users, and GitHub represents 25% of all sign-in methods.
  • New content: a guide to using the Firefox OS-only Data Store API by Sir Chris Mills.

"Geekery" Highlights

  • Following his TEDx talk about social media, where he describes the dangers of EXIF data in images, Chris Heilmann was inspired to build "Remove Photo Data", which allows browser users to remove all extra info from their photos - even offline. The source is on GitHub, as it should be.
  • This Tumblr site collects incidents of web products in 2014 forcing users to specific browsers. What is this? DHTML?
  • MDN is a huge collection of developer documentation. It's also a reference for others. Check out a broad collation of dev docs at the aptly-named DevDocs.

Engaging with Developers Together

  • Like the new GitHub log-in on MDN but having problems? Please file a bug under 'Account Help' in the MDN bug tracker if you encounter any issues.
  • Take 10 minutes to complete and share the VisionMobile quarterly developer survey prolifically with your developer peers!