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JSConf US 2012

Mozilla is sponsoring JSConf US 2012.

Mozilla Attendance

Mozillians attending

Please add your name to this table if you are a Mozillian who is definitely attending JSConf and have a ticket.

For those attending we ask everyone to:

  • Blog, tweet and help share what happens at JSConf.
  • Help with the Mozilla table, if needed. If you are willing to do that, please indicate that, thanks!

Name What you work on at the Mozilla project How attending JSConf will help you further Mozilla's mission
Brendan Eich JavaScript, Boot to Gecko Speaking at JSConf
Tobias Schneider Shumway
James Burke requirejs, volo Find out more how people use modules, figure out what JS command line tooling would help web devs. Procured a ticket already.
James Long http://mozilla.org Advocate open web apps, and discuss my list-to-javascript compiler and why Javascript is a good assembly for the web

Mozillians who wish to attend

We want to thank you very much for your interest in representing Mozilla at the JSConf. As usual, we did not have enough tickets available for all the Mozillians that wanted to participate but we did carefully consider each person. We considered things like new technologies we are trying to grow our communities around, willingness to work at the booth and who had attended in previous years. Although we did not have a ticket for everyone this year, we encourage you to let us know again next time if you are interested. With your managers approval, we encourage you apply for a ticket the minute they come on sale since the number of tickets we get with our sponsorship is usually limited.

We love that so many Mozillians want to attend, and each year we will make a better effort to accommodates everyone's requests!

If you attend:

  • Everyone will be asked to blog, tweet and help share what happens at JSConf.
  • We will also need some of the people going to help with the Mozilla table. If you are willing to do that, please indicate that, thanks!

Please add your name by February 28th. Stormy Peters will get back to you with who we are able to sponsor this year by March 9, 2012.

Name What you work on at the Mozilla project How attending JSConf will help you further Mozilla's mission Nominated by Can attend: Y/N (useful for those nominated by someone else)
Irakli Gozalishvili Lead developer, Jetpack Engage community of JS devs and get them interested in hacking Firefox using add-on SDK. Jeff Griffiths Y
Matt Claypotch Frontend WebDev, Marketplace Helping out with any sponsorship-relative stuff, representing the WebDev team, evangelizing HTML5 apps, hugs James Long Y
Christie Koehler Managing various projects in Webdev Help at Mozilla table, keep informed about latest JS tech, libraries, etc. that we should be using on Webdev projects Chris More Y
Joe Stagner Apps Developer Community Engagement Apps Specific Community Development Y
Jeff Balogh Services, Push Notifications Represent Services, evangelize Notifications and other new APIs, talk about moving from webdev to Firefox dev Y
Philipp Kewisch Mozilla Calendar Project I guess speaker slots are filled up in advance, but I'm preparing a new Javascript library and could hold a presentation about it. I'd be delighted if this works out though! I'd be happy to help out with the Mozilla Table, too. Y
Gordon Brander Pancake Project Lots of practical experience with JavaScript MVC, Backbone, etc -- a hot topic these days. Works with JS in mobile contexts. A fair amount of time spent messing around with HTML5/JavaScript games, too. Would like to engage community, share knowledge at the conference, learn from others. Y
Harald Kirschner Android WebRT, Apps Engage with developers to to move from -webkit-mobile apps to responsive (desktop, tablets and mobile). Learn about emerging app development technologies and best practices. Showcase upcoming HTML5 device APIs and responsive app design (Workshop?). Happy to help at the Moz table!
Brendan Dahl pdf.js Hopefully I can do some of the more impromptu speaking sessions or a workshop and talk about pdf.js in order to get more contributors. Pdf.js is also a good project to showcase for "the web is the platform" since it shows the power of what you can do using only HTML5. I'd love to help out at the table too.