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Firefox OS App Days

(Work in progress, subject to change)

A series of App Days which will take place over the course of approx one week in ~20 locations around the world.

Contributor Engagement & Tech Evangelism will collaborate on this program. The events themselves will be organized and coordinated through ReMo and the Mozilla community.


  • Demonstrate grassroots developer momentum worldwide - and especially in launch markets and places where we have strong community
  • Educate and inspire developers to work on apps and submit them to the Marketplace
  • Create opportunities for local developers to showcase their apps
  • Drive some buzz in tech press in advance of MWC
  • Launch the developer phone program (TBD)

Event Locations and Owners

24 Events Total

  • Mozilla Spaces
    • Mountain View: Julie Choi (juliechoi@mozilla.com) [CONFIRMED] 19 Jan
    • Vancouver: Andy McKay (amckay@mozilla.com), Mark Mayo (mmayo@mozilla.com) [CONFIRMED] 26 Jan
    • Toronto: Kensie (https://reps.mozilla.org/u/Kensie/) and Regnard (https://twitter.com/regnard) [CONFIRMED] 26 Jan
    • London: William Duyck (FuzzyFox -https://reps.mozilla.org/u/fuzzyfox/) [CONFIRMED] 26 Jan
    • Berlin: William Quiviger (william@mozilla.com) & Pierros Papadeas (pierros@mozilla.com) [CONFIRMED] 26 Jan
    • Paris: Ann-Marie Bourcier (ambourcier@gmail.com) [CONFIRMED] 26 Jan

Content, Templates & Toolkit

  • Content
    • Learning materials including video, screencasts (Mortar templates, Marketplace screencast, R2D2B2G):
    • Messaging materials and FAQs for participants and leaders in all locations
  • Templates
    • Eventbrite
    • Event Schedule
  • Tools for Reps to drive their own events in their locations
    • Planning wiki
    • Eventbrite template
    • Budget:
      • travel
      • swag
      • food, drink
    • Venue requirements: Seating, projector/podium/mics, wifi, food

Event Schedule

  • Timing:
    • Sat, Jan 19 or/through Sat, Jan 26
    • Date will be decided by location and shared with the overall team.
  • Schedule:
    • 9:00am People arrive. Check in.
    • 9:30am Introduction to Firefox OS & Apps Marketplace - Inspirational video ("I want an app that can..." "I'm making an app that can...")
    • 10-11:30 3 screencasts and/or local speaker/ phone demo
      • Mortar (App generator) walkthrough screencast (jlongster)
      • Marketplace walkthrough (cvan)
      • FxOS Simulator walkthrough (this dev tool will 'launch' at Mozcamp Asia)
    • 11:30- 12:00 Q& A
    • 12:00 -1:00 lunch
    • 1-5pm: introductory app hacking
    • 5-7pm demos & pizza & beer or local equivalent - party-time. everyone gets a t-shirt

Creative Requirements

  • Logo and wordmark
  • Mozilla banner
  • T-shirts and stickers
  • USB sticks
  • Promotion assets (postcard)