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Developer Engagement plan for Firefox


Firefox is Mozilla's web browser, available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android. Future plans for Firefox as a product is available in the Firefox Roadmap, and for the Web Platform, implemented in the Gecko layout engine, in the Web Platform Roadmap.



Target Audience

Web Developers, App Developers, Users


  • Frequent blog posts on Mozilla Hacks for HTML5 APIs and technologies implemented in Firefox.
  • Giving presentations to get people excited about HTML5 and building for the web.
  • More MDN documentation for HTML5 features.
  • Code demos like the ones listed in HTML5 demos and porting code documentation to MDN.
  • Seeing web developers ensuring their web sites work in Firefox and in all major web browsers.

Developer messages

  • The Web is the Platform
  • Using web technologies to build web sites for everyone, on desktop and mobile alike.

Speaking materials

Next steps

  • More blog posts and documentation for Web Platform improvements in Firefox.
  • More speaking opportunities.
  • Focus on Mobile Firefox.

Individuals responsible

Available in the Projects and Contacts page.