Engagement/Developer Engagement/Goals/2013-Q4

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Technical Evangelism

  • Launch membership-based Mozilla Developer program, including:
    • Program content on MDN
    • Functioning sign-up facility
    • Developer forums
  • Enable acceptance of a (cumulative) total of 1,500 Firefox OS apps in the Marketplace from independent developers (aka "long tail developers"), 400 of which were created by developers with whom we have a direct relationship
  • Complete a trial of a "localization exchange" for Firefox OS app developers, matching developers and their apps with localization volunteers who translate strings in the apps to other languages

MDN Web Development

  • Launch MDN Redesign to all visitors
  • Begin MDN Analytics Dashboard to drive 2014 goals
    • Start with Engagement Conversion Funnel

MDN Content

  • Support MDN Redesign content changes, including:
    • Move pages into correct hierarchy for content zones (Firefox Desktop, Firefox Mobile, add-ons)
    • Update and improve landing pages, especially for Web APIs
    • Tag pages for search filters
  • Migrate content from Marketplace DevHub to Apps Center content zone.