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Nyman: different evangelists have different personalities and "specialities": e.g. presenting @conferences, blogging, hacking. Would be good to have more than one person on each project, to reflect that.

  • we already do this, for some projects more than others. e.g. Jetpack, Apps
  • we could have a wiki page to coordinate it.
  • evangelists make plans for their projects, we could define collaboration there
  • we should include links to more information in weekly update posts, to make it easier to see what we're all working on

Blogging and MDN

Jean-Yves: we'd like closer collaboration between blog posts and docs: so when blog posts happen, MDN docs are there, up to date, and linked in the post

  • status updates could include links to draft blog posts, or just plans to blog things, so the writers can be aware of what's coming
  • bloggers can always ask writers to proofread posts
  • bloggers are also happy to get feedback after publishing, not just proofreading, but also on higher level stuff like tone and voice


Stormy will draft goals in an etherpad, and wordsmith Q1 goals, mission & metrics.

Using Bugzilla for Event Management

Havi: does anyone use bugzilla for event management? Bugzilla's good for tracking, but a wiki's better for communication.

NYC meetup

No agenda yet, Jeff will get that going when he's back next week.

Hacks blog

We should have an editorial calendar to schedule posts properly. Nyman to look into Wordpress plugins, to see of there are any that do what we want.


We want to get screenshots for the collusion demo by EOD tomorrow. Ask Barry if you have any questions.


  • barry
  • john k
  • havi
  • nyman
  • stormy
  • wbamberg
  • teoli
  • rawkes
  • sheppy
  • nitot