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Q3 Sprint 1 started June 27.

We are the Firefox, Desktop + Mobile durable team (formerly Firefox Mobile). Our goal is to support the Firefox product, no matter the platform.

Current Key Initiatives Q3

  • Write evergreen content that embodies the new tone for 5 top “404” pages, 5 rotational snippets, and the product feature pages
  • Write time-dependent content that fully embodies new positioning/tone for next 4 months of email, and 10 posts in snippets + social.
  • Launch mobile advertising in 1 market with creative and copy that is consistent with Firefox positioning.
  • Support Firefox product initiatives and launches.

Previous Key Initiatives: Q2

  • Revised positioning in market across 8 touch points including email, social, rel notes, snippets, onboarding, ASO, advertising tests, etc.
  • Test visual identity work in prioritized touch points

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Q3 Sprint Schedule

1st Sprint:

  • Sprint Planning: Thursday, June 16 (in London)
  • Sprint: Monday, June 27 through Tuesday, July 12
  • Sprint Review + Retrospective: Wednesday, July 13

2nd Sprint:

  • Sprint Planning: Thursday, July 14
  • Sprint: Monday, July 18 through Tuesday, August 2
  • Sprint Review + Retrospective: Wednesday, August 3

3rd Sprint:

  • Sprint Planning: Thursday, August 4
  • Sprint: Monday, August 8 through Tuesday, August 23
  • Sprint Review + Retrospective: Wedenesday, August 24

4th Sprint:

  • Sprint Planning: Thursday, August 25
  • Sprint: Monday, August 29 through Tuesday, September 13
  • Sprint Review + Retrospective: Wednesday, September 14

5th Sprint:

  • Sprint Planning: Thursday, September 15
  • Sprint: Monday, September 19 through Tuesday, October 4
  • Sprint Review + Retrospective: Wednesday, October 5
Meeting Time and Days Attendees Notes
Sprint Planning Meeting Every third Thursday, starting on April 21 Core Team required Stakeholders may listen in.
This meeting lasts as long as it takes.
Daily Stand-Up
(15 minutes only)
M: 10:30 am PT, T-Th: 10:45am PT, F: 11:00am PT
Monday-Friday first week of Sprint, Monday-Friday second week of Sprint, Monday-Tuesday third week of Sprint
Core Team required Anyone is welcome to listen, but only core team speaks. All questions should be taken offline to Winston or Jennifer.
All Marketing Sprint Review Meeting every third Wednesday, starting on May 11 Everyone welcome The team will show the work completed in the sprint. It's a place to ask questions and give feedback.
Sprint Retrospective Meeting every third Wednesday, starting on May 11 Core Team only No one else is invited to this meeting.
  • All meetings, except the All Marketing Sprint Review Meeting (Vidyo: Chad Weiner), are in Jennifer Balaco's Vidyo
  • If you have questions about these meetings, please contact Jennifer.

Team Members

  • Winston Bowden
  • Jennifer Balaco
  • Mike Han
  • Matej Novak
  • Ty Flanagan
  • Jessica Osorio
  • Roland Tanglao
  • Katy Spaulding

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