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MDN Components

Creative [Jay]

  • Logo for Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)
    • Created temporary "logo" based on current Hacks blog theme.
    • TODO: Write creative brief including input from team and send to Sean Martell
  • developer.mozilla.org (MDC) Refresh
  • Hacks Blog [see Websites section for more info]
    • New design for site navigation and architecture (menus, breadcrumbs, etc)
    • Design elements for Demo Gallery
    • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube icons
  • Other stuff
    • Logo for Mozilla User Groups (MUGs)
    • MDN and Hacks affiliate buttons
    • MDN and Hack Personas

Survey [Alix]

  • Take the survey
  • Survey developers to understand their current level of satisfaction with Firefox and Mozilla and get input to build/improve MDN
  • Tool: surveygizmo
  • Success metrics:
    • number of respondents, goal is at min 1,000, ideally 5,000
  • Todo:
    • Create initial draft (done)
    • Validate questionnaire (done)
    • legal check (done)
    • Create template and thank you page, stage survey (done)
    • Launched 10/27

Newsletter [Alix]

  • Biweekly newsletter highlighting what's new for web developers (web updates, tools, new hacks/demos, standards)
  • More details
  • Success metrics:
    • Subscribers
    • Open rate
    • Click rate for external links?
  • Status: template & subscription form set up. Now drafting pilot.

Website(s) [Jay]

  • Hacks [P1]
    • Hacks Refresh Details
    • Improve layout for home page
      • Increase width of content block
      • Navigation for Blog, Articles, Demos, People, etc.
      • Clean-up sidebar
      • Add Twitter, Facebook, YouTube icons/links
      • Add ShareThis to encourage sharing
      • Fix search (integrate Google search?)
    • Index all content by topic/category/tag
    • Add Directory of Articles
    • Add Demo Gallery
  • MDC [P2]
    • Setup MDC staging/production process
    • Quick Wins
      • Improve layout for home page [wireframe coming soon]
      • Improve site architecture (organize references, articles, news, etc) [outline coming soon]
      • Fix SEO
      • Fix Re-Captcha
      • Fix search (integrate Google search?)
      • Improve layout and visual elements for critical pages/sections [TBD]
    • Community Enhancements
      • Enable user/developer profiles + Gravatars
      • Comments for specific content types
      • Hook up to CRM solution [TBD]
      • Rating of content
      • Fix localization
      • Editor - it sucks, should probably use wiki markup and need some semantic markup for programming documentation
    • Future
      • Single Sign-on (integrate with other sites)
      • Promote Add-ons, Mobile, etc.
  • Metrics
    • Setup reports on Urchin 6 to determine common navigation paths and monitor key metrics
    • Track: searches, top articles, demos viewed, links shared, tweets/re-tweets, page edits, comments, new accounts, active accounts

Content [All]

  • Developer notes
  • News & Updates
  • Awesome Demos
  • Reference pages
  • Newsletter topics
  • Blog posts
  • Standards docs
  • White papers?

Outreach [All]

  • Twitter: @mozhacks, @firefox (for announcement)
  • MDC
  • Hacks.mozilla.org
  • Web-tech blog
  • Mozilla blog
  • dev-news
  • mozilla.dev.web-development
  • Start page snippets? (ex: Are you a web developer? Join/check out the Mozilla Developer Network)

Participation [All]

Metrics [Alix]

We Need

  • Design and IA
  • Webdev
  • QA
  • Marketing
  • Metrics