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  • code freeze: Monday, April 6th
  • release: week of April 13th
  • add-ons bump version once things are stabilized

Developer Items and Standards

  • Feedback:
    • Asa - Needs priorities on these items
    • Paul - What about add-ons?
    • Need a way to uplift bugs as a group - bugzilla keyword?
    • Roadmap - need to message, real player the only last xpcom plugin


  • New deki transition status
  • Firefox docs update
  • Add-ons manual update
  • Paul needs a volunteer for updating screenshots
  • Gen has old screenshots in the japanese guide

XUL + XULRunner

  • Work to raise the priority of getting XULRunner 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 nightly builds going (see [bug 445191])
  • Waiting on build, 2 weeks now.
  • Need this for people doing Firefox 3 -> 3.5 updates! Holding back extension development.

Communications and PR

Global Community Development


  • Blizzard met with the herdict folks (http://www.herdict.org) about sharing data and using info from herdict to improve our error pages.


  • Korea: browser monopoly lawsuit update
  • Malaysia: confirmed co-sponsorship of BarCamp KL (April 4,5); setting up meetings (open for suggestions!); TO DO - Malay l10n evangelism post
  • Philippines: evangelism roundup post
  • Taiwan: working with E.Sun Bank and MozTW.org to feature Taiwan's first Firefox-compatible ebank service on the "Getting Started" traditional Chinese page
  • Vietnam: FF3b1 feedback; contacting key bloggers in Vietnam for advice (open to suggestions!);
  • Asia portal: preparing draft proposal