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  • Getting ready for Beta 4 and final. For that we need:
    • PR Plan
    • Collect items from messaging page and turn them into a big feature list for 3.5 final.
    • Performance stories - starting to collect that list now. Should have a list of the 10+ things that we did to improve performance for Firefox 3.5.
    • Talking with Dave Bottoms on Friday to help put together an overview.

Developer Items and Standards

  • Uplift came up at the delivery meeting. Items we identify from developers should make it into the above meeting where we can talk about them at the engineering and firefox delivery meetings.
  • Roadmap items - XPCOM + liveconnect are going away. ~5-6MB source code patch to remove. Have contacts at Sun for Java and Real for Real Player, the main consumers of this code.
  • New item: text-overflow elipsis - do we support? Can we drive it? I think we are the last browser to not support this.


  • Sheppy's on vacation this week but was working on some scripts to help us with Interfaces. He'll be back next week or so.

XUL + XULRunner

  • mossop has volunteered to kick off getting us xulrunner builds. Should have access to do so by Wed/Thu and will continue to help make them.
  • Mozilla Add-ons workshop in Berlin this weekend - had 245 people signed up. Some labs people will be there this weekend as well.

Communications and PR

  • Good pickup on the 3D story. C|Net and others picked it up. Some questions from Chris Wilson and Hixie about if that should be in another standards group. Not unreasonable, but worth discussing in the meeting.

Global Community Development

  • Indonesia: Firefox add-on development talk scheduled for April 24 at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Indonesia; Indonesian Firefox localizer Romi Hardiyanto& ITS IT lecturer Mrs. Aini coordinating with support from Gen Kanai
  • Japan: Mozillagumi community planning 10 year anniversary event on May 30; Evangelism team supporting
  • Korea: Browser anti-trust lawsuit appeal dismissed by court. More info to come from Gen Kanai in a blog post.
  • Malaysia: Mozilla co-sponsoring BarCamp Kuala Lumpur, April 4-5; Mozilla to present at MSC-OSCON 09' May 31- June 3
  • Taiwan: Did Firefox market share cause major changes to online banking in Taiwan?


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