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Developer Items and Standards

  • Item from last week: brainstorming about building a developer program - how to get external people to engage? We have roadmap bits coming together, but need input as well.


  • WiFi monitoring docs are done
  • localStorage docs are done
  • Working with Mindtouch and IT on Mindtouch 2009 upgrade preparation
  • Testing some ideas for new extensions to the wiki
  • New top-level menus were rolled out yesterday morning
  • paul + arun to work on some localStorage demos/etc for describing the functionality

XUL + XULRunner

Communications and PR

  • 3D stuff - google's stuff is out, Blizzard put up thoughts - any questions about that?

Global Community Development

  • Event - Add-ons workshop in Indonesia organized by one of our localizers. Sounds like we will have 60 participants or so. Gen can discuss.
  • Paul + Gen - talking about how to invest in Asia - what a plan might look like there.
  • June 19-20: Open Video Conference - Paul + Asa to come to it?
    • Chance to work with partners and tell our story.
    • Going to be a fun event.
    • We are providing some backing for Silvia (we think?) to join us.
    • Need a cool demo.
  • Add-ons contest coming up - need to get evang involved