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Firefox 3.5

  • Still tracking wordpress issues - http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7262
  • Feels like docs are wrapping up
  • 35 Days is going to keep us all busy - good opportunity to make things happen - starting on June 7th
  • WP contract is in place - working on it Thursday
  • MT specs & timeline agreed to; contract needed (can we reuse WP contract?)

Developer Items and Standards

  • Still have roc's lists - need to get them in the wiki so we can start to affect next-gen development.


  • Continuing with the usual last-minute cleanup and added documentation items in preparation for the Firefox 3.5 launch. Down to about 5 dev-doc-needed items that pertain to Firefox 3.5.
  • We have a new template, embed_text, which embeds the context of a text file into the body of an article.
    • Simply attach the file to the article, then use the syntax {{template.embed_text("<filename>" [, "<language>"])}}. For example: {{template.embed_text("foo.js", "javascript")}}. This will use JavaScript syntax highlighting.
    • This is great for cases where you want to embed code snippets in the article, but also want them to be downloadable, because you only have to update the attached code if it needs to be changed, and the article body updates automatically to match.
  • Assuming that MindTouch releases MindTouch 2009 9.02.2 this week as expected, IT is good to go to upgrade us on Tuesday next week.

XUL + XULRunner

Communications and PR

  • Upcoming video conference - need to work with paul to get a demo together that we can show

Global Community Development