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  • MovableType plugin
    • contract & SOW in hand; needs review
  • 35 days
    • Going to need a huge amount of help with this, looks like people are coming together though
    • Convinced Karl Dubost, Ian Lynam & Craig Mod to provide demos (Gen)
    • Question on 35 Days: don't the posts and demos have to be ready on the same day?

Developer Items and Standards

  • Still have roc's lists - need to get them in the wiki so we can start to affect next-gen development.


  • MDC upgrade to MindTouch 2009 scheduled for tonight!

XUL + XULRunner

Communications and PR

  • Sounds like Paul has some more demos coming for the video conference :)

Global Community Development

  • Working with sethb and djst to get new Malaysian volunteers into the project. (Gen)
  • Started communication with Vietnamese Government's FOSS project regarding the launch of Vietnamese Firefox 3.5; looking for ways to work with existing Vietnamese communities to help Firefox get more traction. (Gen)
  • Preparing for MDeC Malaysia open source conference, June 1-3 (Gen)
  • Asa & Bob Chao of moztw.org will speak at the Mozillagumi 10 year anniversary on Saturday


  • Team goals - worth talking about in the face of 3.5