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  • MoveableType plugin
    • Decided to drop for this round
  • WordPress plugin
    • Ready for testing
    • Some minor things left to do, like publishing it to the WP plugins directory
    • Need some sfx updates to make sure it's actually ready
  • 35 days
    • Content starting to come in, needs editing
    • Need help from deb, resig, maybe others in editing?
    • Launch looks good for monday
    • Blog is up, but still needs fixes
    • Theme is done
    • Buttons + Badges are about done
    • Need to figure out who can publish when by setting up accounts

Developer Items and Standards

  • Still have roc's lists - need to get them in the wiki so we can start to affect next-gen development.


  • MDC upgrade is done
  • Need to chase other issues down - editor dt problem, for example
  • New email notifications feature enabled by skin upgrade last night
  • New tag editor should help make tagging easier, although it's not perfect yet
  • Blogged about these new features
  • Working on deploying updated skin strings for Japanese, plus reorganizing how we store them to improve reliability for future upgrades
  • Already started poking MindTouch about their next release and what we want
  • Late-breaking Firefox 3.5 doc issue flow has slowed to a trickle (yay)

XUL + XULRunner

Communications and PR

  • Upcoming open video conference.

Global Community Development