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  • To refresh on the list of Features and their priority, click here.
  • To refresh on the plan of record per Toronto's offsite, click here.
  • To see baseline vs. current reality, click here: here

Schedule and Milestones

To see who from SC will be attending each showcase, click here.

ADU update

  • Aurora - 963 +9% from last week
  • Nightly - 1145 +9% from last week



  • Dec 2011: Feature Complete


  • Jan 16 2012: String Freeze -> needs to be reset
  • Jan 16 2012: First Run Walk-Through --> needs to be reset
  • Jan 30 2012: Beta Declare
  • Feb 27 2012: Public Announcement at Mobile World Congress
  • March 30 2012: Final Release

List of Demos

  • Android Sync [Nightly]
    • Jinghua and team will walk through user scenarios
    • Recent Downloads: See Sync and Nightly icons
    • Click on Sync and see code
    • Go to Firefox Desktop/Preferences/Disable Passwords, Preferences, and Tabs
    • Under Firefox Desktop/Preferences/click "Add a Device"
    • Type in the code from the mobile phone into the window/hit "sync"
    • See sync happen and then go to bookmarks and history and see that they match those of desktop

See video here: (play from laptop)

  • Thumbnails:
  1. works on about:home
  2. works for background tabs (tab menus show the background thumbnails)
  3. higher quality
  4. we kick a refresh of the thumbnails when you open the tab menu (show gmail)
  • Add-Ons Manager is Pretty
  • Tabs from Last Time Works
  • Font Inflation: Text size defaults to medium.
    • Tiny - no font inflation
    • Small - 80
    • Medium - 120
    • Large - 160
    • Extra Large - 240
  • Download Manager

- Storing downloads to the system download manager: this includes anything you down, app, videos, photos, download, known issue with print to .PDF

- Works gingerbread and higher known issue with Samsung UI; htc or motorola phones should work and anyone who uses a stock android


  • S0, S1, S2 Tests
    • This week's numbers: http://bit.ly/Arzgdz
    • So far, results indicate that the Galaxy S 2's page painting actually increase over the time from 3098 ->5083 ->5544
    • brasstacks


Website Compatibility

(Two-pronged approach)

MTD Update


MTD feedback in order of frequency:

  • "Feeling zippier"
  • Sync <--- people still want sync
  • Remaining checkerboarding
  • Localizations
  • Unzooming during page load
  • Frame rate when scrolling
  • Top sites still don't work
  • Flash on ICS