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  • To refresh on the plan of record per Toronto's offsite, click here.
  • To see baseline vs. current reality, click here: here

ADU update

  • Aurora - 1,076, +12% from last week
  • Nightly - 1,172 +2.5% from last week
  • Beta - 25,940 +2.5% from last week


To see who is attending the showcase


  • Dec 2011: Feature Complete


  • Jan 16 2012: String Freeze ==> Jan 30th (lock-step with cutover)
  • Jan 16 2012: First Run Walk-Through ==> needs to be reset; pending profile migration which is getting closer
  • Jan 30 2012: Beta Cutover & Beta Declare
  • Feb 27 2012: Public Announcement at Mobile World Congress
  • March 30 2012: Final Release

Beta Readiness


  • Split-APK
    • Status: Waiting for the fix for bug 719560
    • Requires: QA testing on tablets/phones once posted
    • Fallback options: Push XUL to all for the time being, only push to tablets, hold off on pushing altogether
  • Profile migration
    • Status: Waiting on the fix for bug 713283
    • Requires: QA test plan and verification (kbrosnan: test cases are complete & ready to go)
  • Single-locale APKs
    • May not be ready and tested in time for 1/31 - are multi-locale APKs our fallback?
    • Requires: QA test plan and verification in conjunction with split-APK work
    • Remaining multi-locale bug: bug 713464
  • L10N
    • Required for String Freeze for Fx11 (Jan 30th): query


    • Johnath's blog post on trains: will be pushed tomorrow
    • Press release for beta in progress

(P0) Stability and Performance


Performance and Responsiveness

Goals Related to Competitive Browsers

  • Raw Start: To be within 200MS of the Stock Browser for

[See Video]

  • Warm Start with Page Load: We need to be within an acceptable range with Stock and faster than Opera

[See Video]

  • Scrolling Panning, Zooming, and Frame Rate should meet or exceed customer expectations when compared to other mobile browsers

[See Video]

  • XUL Beta vs. Java: What will users see?

[See Video]

Compared to XUL: Where are we Better, Where are we worse?

  • Better: We use less memory, we now have async panning & zooming, faster frame rate, sync now runs in the background,
  • Worse: Checkerboarding, Closing tabs, Loading multiple pages at the same time, possibly tab restore
  • Worse: What are we doing about it and when?

Checkerboarding and responsiveness changes in flight, targeted to land prior to beta: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Notes/25-Jan-2012

Other Top Issues and Their Status


  • What we need to uplift to aurora:
  • Sync stability is more about data loss
  • Sync Team would prefer to support bookmarks and history without data loss than overextend and support Passwords
    • wesj is a hero, but...
  • Q1: Protecting data for the features we have and UI [correct crypto, stability]
  • Really trying for Password Sync for March
  • Performance: has been great: tracy/tchung has numbers
  • Not really crashing
  • Q2: Focus on Parity: Tabs, Add-Ons, Forms, ad UI for tablets


Things it would be great to have done for beta:

  • Experience of startup / page load
    • Cut down the amount of checkerboarding - bug 716581
    • Handful of startup weirdness bugs: tracked in bug 721008
  • Fix the p1/p2 font inflation bugs -- we want this to be as right as possible for beta; bug 706193, bug 706198
  • Get frecency / top sites as right as we can: bug 704977
  • Get the in-browser Sync UI pieces in, so people can find and set up sync
  • Get the tab menu not covering the whole screen -- may seem minor, but I want people to get the right idea of how it works as of beta - bug 712526
  • Some thumbnail tweaks around differences in tab menu / start page, scaling where we shouldn't be (bug 721032)
  • UI responsiveness
    • tab menu - opening a tab, switching tabs, deleting tabs
    • aweseomescreen - slow top sites list coming in
    • settings screen - slow for options to becoming enabled

Website Compatibility

(Two-pronged approach)

MTD Update

MTD feedback in order of frequency:

  • "Feeling zippier"
  • Sync <--- people still want sync
  • Remaining checkerboarding
  • Localizations
  • Unzooming during page load
  • Frame rate when scrolling
  • Top sites still don't work
  • Flash on ICS