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Firefox 51 Post-mortem

  • large uplifts last minute in aurora (and beta) for WebGL, ANGLE (We had to do this for parity with Chrome) No big problems that I'm aware of

We did a dot release during the release week for 51, before we turned on updates all the way.

We didn't catch this in manual testing. Inadequate automated test coverage. Geolocation in general didn't (doesn't) seem to have a clear owner to investigate/fix. But, we did fix it very quickly once it was caught!

  • e10s addon whitelist, last minute issues, did an RC build

  • hsts priming
    • Many related bugs filed. There were 2 prefs to control this. Only one was flipped on for beta + release.
    • We didn't catch this in automation or manual testing on beta
    • Follow up on test coverage + manual tests....
    • System addon shipped to try and fix. (We need to follow up on uptake)
  • Tablet crash for android We knew about this and the high crash volume but didn't think it was actionable, until after release Problem still ongoing as the dot release for fennec, 51.0.2, has caused another top crash

  • First release managed by Taipei (Gerry) even if Liz managed the end of the cycle (PTO for the RM)
  • new triage meeting (Monday morning in Taipei) for regressions!