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  1. Make us work on Mobile Firefox

Designs & Requirements


  • Project Lead: aakashd
  • Designer: chowse
  • Web Piece Dev: fwenzel, davedash, rsnyder
  • QA: stephend, krupa
  • Client Piece Dev: jono
  • Metrics: agarcia, mkurze, hamilton


Status Step Owner ETA Actual
[DONE] Define Designs & Requirements aakashd 8/24 8/24
[DONE] Confirm Scheduling and Dev Time aakashd 8/25 8/26
[DONE] UX Complete chowse 8/31 8/26
[DONE] Code Freeze fwenzel 9/7 9/22
[DONE] QA complete stephend 9/8 9/28
[DONE] Go Live fwenzel 9/8 9/28
[DONE] Post-Mortem everyone 9/30 9/30


Archive for Meeting Notes

Latest Work Done

Piece Person Description
Web fwenzel
  • Crunched 1.8 bugs (with Ryan)
  • tagged 1.8 for production
  • waited in vain for the push to happen this morning
Web davedash
  • Nothing - AMO has been beating me like a red-headed step child
Web ryansnyder
  • Added product / version dropdowns per #590688
Metrics hamilton
  • Demo'd on LDA Topic Modeling per Platform & Type
Web stephend
  • Verified FIXED 1.8 bugs
  • Filed a few bugs
Web aakashd
  • Talked to Wikimedia Foundation. They want to learn about the design and implementation decisions made for user submission.
  • Worked on defining roadmap into Q4 and filed bugs via Mr. Alexis's webform

Next Steps

Piece Person Description Tentatively Due
Web fwenzel
  1. not much "actual work" for the rest of the quarter: movers are coming, approx. a bazillion forms want filled out, and your guys' embassy wants to interview me...
  1. --
Web davedash
  1. Finish my AMO stuff early this week and crank on any bugs assigned to me.
  1. 9/20
Web ryansnyder
  1. Picking up bugs for 2.0 release
  1. 9/15
Web stephend
  1. Keep trying to stay sane
  2. See above.
  1. 9/21
Web aakashd
  1. Start on PRD for Input 3.0 designs and requirements
  2. Push out blogpost for 1.8
  1. 10/8
  2. 9/21


Bugs can be filed using this form

A list of open bugs can be found here

Pages to Test (Note: will only shows on the latest Fx Beta):