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What Action was Performed?

  • Update script
    • push
    • update vendor libs
    • apache reload
    • run crons

Issues before Release

  • Moved to Phoenix 2 weeks ago
  • Jeremy Orem did a push on 6/21 thinking everything was fine. We had cancelled the push 1/2 an hour before. We had to quickly revert.
  • Unsure about latest code commit. Belief was that everything was checked in and tagged.
  • Fred was at Djangocon for a week
  • Ryan was predisposed with emergency family stuff for a week and Socorro Work Week
  • Dave was incredibly hammered with AMO
  • Stephen was busy with Socorro,, mobile stuff for the past 2 weeks

Issues during Release


  • bug 600445 - Auto-Select default Version when changing Product
  • bug 600448 - Mobile "--all--" option shouldn't include Firefox-desktop-build submissions
  • bug 600627 - Input Production updated, but not to most recent Commit


  • bug 600444 - Input staging/mobile staging are down for the count
  • bug 595358 - Need DB dump from Input prod -> staging (I forgot that was open)



  • Staging should have been up and should have been checked
  • Created a release checklist
  • No monitors: Nagios and Hudson and both would have caught this


  • lack of preparation
  • end of quarter goals push tension, lack-of-focus and tiredness


  • late pushes at the end of the day when people are unavailable
  • push was pretty successful just with the issues when people were fresh


  • lack of a push checklist
  • move up the start time


  • Move releases to 4pm to have availability of a dev who's 'fresh'
  • Create a tailored release checklist