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General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [mconley] For-looping in hot, performance critical code paths? Don’t use forEach. Even for-ofis slower than for-inor a C-style forloop.
    • Don’t use for-in to iterate over arrays, though.
  • [bgrins] `./mach run` and prefs for the scratch_user
  • [standard8] MozillaBuild 3.0 is out! (thanks to RyanVM). Includes built-in node support for ESLint
  • [mconley] Stylo is being built by default now, so if you’re wondering why your non-artifact builds have slowed way down, that’s because ccache doesn’t support Rust. Consider switching to sccache (if you’re on OS X, you may have to workaround this bug by running xcode-select --install.If that doesn’t work, consider asking the folks in #developers). One bonus is that sccache, unlike ccache, works on Windows!
    • You can disable building Stylo locally with: ac_add_options --disable-stylo in your mozconfig

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
    • More than one bug fixed:
      • Alejandro Rodriguez Salamanca
      • Bao Quan [:beekill]
      • Luciano I
      • Tomislav Jovanovic :zombie
      • Tushar Saini (:shatur)
      • flyingrub
    • New contributors (🌟 = First Patch!)
  • jonathanGB’s internship presentation @ 1:15pm PDT today
    • Form autofill & WebPayments

Project Updates


Activity Stream

  • Activity Stream will be pref’ed off by default in 56 Beta, and will be successively rolled out from 1%, 5% to 10% of the Beta population using Shield pref flips
  • Default Top Sites landing for Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries with global fallback
  • Pocket will be enabled by geo/locale for Canada and US initially, Germany will be added during 57 Nightly and tested in 56 Beta
  • Snippets, Profile Migration, Onboarding Tour recently landed in 56

Electrolysis (e10s)

  • Content process preallocator has been disabled while the team coordinates with the Activity Stream team on the preloaded about:newtab browser.

Firefox Core Engineering

  • App Updater
    • App Updater is now using LZMA compression and SHA384 for signing. The release of builds taking advantage of this should be unthrottled today. So far, complete update files are reduced from 19-21%.
    • Reminder: Updates to 64-bit begin in FF56, so you can look for that on Nightly now.
    • We have pulled the Update Agent (which continues the download of the update file in the background) from 57. Earliest it would be now is 58.
  • Installer
  • Crashes/Stability
  • Hang Reporting
    • Doug Thayer (dthayer) is working with mystor and smaug on how to make the BHR dashboard more useful. This is part of the “BHR Taskforce” with DOM.
  • Quantum Flow/Photon Perf
    • Just in case anyone isn’t aware, 3-5 people on our team are working on QF and/or Photon Perf bugs as well, trying to pinch hit on Runtime or DOM bugs.
    • Namely,those people are Adam Gashlin (agashlin), Kirk Steuber (bytesized), Perry Jiang (perry), and Felipe Gomes (felipe) -- and sometimes Robert Strong (rstrong). Please help them if they reach out with questions.

Form Autofill



[dolske] We’re very close (and on track!) to our feature-complete target date of August 7th. Still a few key things incoming, but starting to shift towards bugfixing and polish instead of adding whole new features.






  • 56: Going through P3 bugs and working on them. Move other things to P5s.
    • Accessibility bugs wasn’t an original requirement but we have decided to make them high priority P3s. Will uplift to beta as they being completed.
  • 57: Copy has confirmed, waiting for illustration. WIP patches ready to be have illustration put into them.


  • 55: Performance section on Preferences was found to have confusing behavior because of how e10s rollout changes user default. Bug 1382649 landed and uplift to beta last week to deal with it. Will ship with minor known issues.
  • 56: Search and Preferences Re-org received signed-off w/ YELLOWs. Work started to address them started last week. Most of them are addressed before Aug 2.
  • 57: Patches are being worked on right now. Should have everything landed or in review by Aug 7.

Platform Audibles


Search and Navigation

Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot (text only, have a meeting conflict)

  • Three new experiments launched today. Check out
  • Firefox Screenshots continues to improve in Beta. We will launch in 56 with a small percentage of people and roll out the feature over a few weeks.
  • We’ve started blogging at . Tune in for experiment updates on the new experiments

Web Payments

  • [Bug 1381179 - Resolved] Added “Toolkit :: WebPayments UI” component on Bugzilla
  • [Bug 1381186] Handles showPayment & abortPayment from the merchant
  • [Bug 1382388] Handles abort event from the user (other way around)
  • [Bug 1383300] Started getting the “total” and the “origin” from the API on showPayment and display in the dialog
  • Next: integrate autofillStorage to pre-populate “Shipping address” selector