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Today’s meeting leader is: jaws

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


  • [bwinton] Introducing Bernard Igiri!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Alex Henrie
  • Andrew Swan [:aswan]
  • Andy Bruère [:abruere]
  • Florens Verschelde :fvsch
  • Itiel
  • Logan Smyth [:loganfsmyth]
  • Magnus Melin [:mkmelin]
  • Pranav pandey

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

  • (Will be filled out after the meeting)

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

WebExtensions Framework

  • As part of the changes needed to fully adapt the WebExtensions internals to Fission, Tomislav ported the nativeApp messaging internals from MessageManager to the JSWindowActor based messaging (Bug 1602639)
  • Shane made sure that the manifest property content_security.isolated_world is aliased to content_security.content_scripts to improve Chrome compatibility of the changes to the extensions CSP (Bug 1594232)
  • Starting from Firefox 74 (Bug 1502525), the preference “extensions.webextensions.remote” (which makes the extension pages to run in a separate process when set to true) is now only being read once (which is useful to prevent unexpected behaviors when the preference is flipped at runtime)
  • In Firefox 74, the pref to allow to run extensions with embedded experimental APIs has been renamed from “extensions.legacy.enabled” to the more explicit “extensions.experiments.enabled” (and removed the old parts that used to be shared with the deprecated legacy extensions), Bug 1524327
  • The urlClassification property included in webRequest and proxy events details is now part of the public API available to all the extensions (Bug 1589494)

Fixed regressions

Other bugs fixed thanks to our contributors

  • atiqueahmedziad fixed the userScripts API schema (Bug 1605403)
  • myeongjun.ko fixed a bug in the storage.sync API (Bug 1561584)
  • aji.yash13 fixed a theme API bug (Bug 1592831)


Firefox Accounts

Sync and Storage


Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

  • Eager evaluation (aka Instant Evaluation) is now available on Nightly! Check out the Console panel.

There is also an option that can be used to control the feature.


(screenshot online)

Instant evaluation is showing the result (preview) of the current expression yet before it’s evaluated (i.e. the Enter key pressed). Selection changes in the autocomplete popup count too.


(screenshot online)

  • Autoclose brackets - The Console panel input now respects the Autoclose brackets option. Console automatically inserts the corresponding closing element for quotes & brackets (bug)

  • A new InactiveCSS warning landed. This one will let you know when one of the top, right, bottom, left and z-index properties are being used on a non-positioned element (bug)

Check out the Rules side panel in the Inspector panel


(screenshot online)

  • The New Application panel is now[1]enabled by default(in Nightly (only). Feel free to play with it if you have manifests and service works in your apps and report any issues you find[2]here.


(screenshot online)

Next steps include doing a UI review of this new panel and[3]showing all workers for registrations.

  • WebSocket Inspector supports WAMP protocol, including JSON, MsgPack and CBOR (bug)

Available in the Network panel


(screenshot online)



  • No updates this week

New Tab Page

  • Discovery Stream enabled for the rest of the world in 73.
  • New stories recommendation updates available but preffed off in 74, going to run experiments with it.
  • Working on content collections for newtab stories experiment in newtab for 75. It’s a way to group similar stories based on a certain topic for a set amount of time, examples, if we wanted stories related to privacy, or entertainment, we could group them, or if we wanted to respond to something time based.
  • In 75 adding some prefs to enable stories in new locales, so we can run experiments on this before going live, initially this is going to be for the UK. Right now US, CA and DE see stories.


  • We are changing the minimum required version of NodeJS for Firefox builds from 8 to 10

    • Node 10 is the oldest Long Term Support version of Node that is still live. It was chosen (rather than Node 12) because we want to cause minimum disruption for older distributions still building modern versions of Firefox.

  • After this happens (I’ll post in the usual places), folks will need to execute `mach bootstrap` in order to get the updated NodeJS bits installed into ~/.mozbuild
  • Probably shouldn’t cause any problems, but if anything acts weird, feel free to contact or ask in #NodeJS on Slack

Password Manager


Performance Tools



  • .

Remote Debugging (Chromium Protocol) (read-only)

Search and Navigation


Address Bar:

  • Notable changes:

    • Fixed a regression in urlbar autofill when browser.urlbar.suggest.history = false - Bug 1602728

    • Search strings now ignore diacritics (controllable by pref) - Bug 1606731

  • Visual redesign

User Journey

This week I learned

I think this might warrant a wider-audience announcement later, but this is a GDocs code highlighter with various themes to choose from: What you need to do is:

    1. open your doc, go to Tools > Script Editor

    2. create a new script for each .gs script you see in the repo folder

    3. copy, paste & save the raw contents of each file in their respective counterpart in the script editor.

    4. switch back to your doc, and you should see a ‘Code formatter’ menu appear. If not, it will after a reload.