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General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • Changes coming up for Firefox localization
    • Starting with 57, string IDs need to be unique across channels, so across 57 and 58 to start with
    • Tests will come

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Resolved bugs (excluding employees):

More than one bug fixed:

  •  :Perry Jiang
  • Cosm
  • Kevin Jones
  • Rob Wu [:robwu]
  • Simon Lindholm
  • Steve Armand
  • Tomislav Jovanovic :zombie
  • Tushar Saini (:shatur)
  • akriti verma
  • flyingrub

New contributors (🌟 = First Patch!)

Project Updates


Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

Electrolysis (e10s)

  • Bug 1393638 - E10s-multi (4 processes) being increased to 100% on Release 55

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Bug 1390703 - Flash Click-to-Play being increased to 25% on Release 55, (hopefully) shortly followed to 100%
  • Bug 1397562 - Update staging is now disabled on OSX and Linux (update staging was disabled on Windows in bug 1397562).
    • This is in response to what we think may be an issue with e10s sandboxing.
    • This is why you may suddenly be seeing a flash of the “Nightly is applying updates” (like in bug 1398641).
  • Bug 1380252, bug 1380254 - Optimized data in crash reports and crash ping processing.
  • Open call for ideas/investigation on bug 1276488 -- suspected omnijar corruption, but not much to go on.

Form Autofill




  • For 57 we had to disable tab warming when hovering tabs because it caused more regressions than we are comfortable fixing for 57. We are now planning to ship this significant perf improvement in 58.
  • All the significant performance improvements we are still working on at this point are at risk for 57 because we are trying to avoid risk.
  • Our dashboards show very good wins on all things we measure when comparing 55 to 57. Eg. startup is about 50% faster in 57 than it was in 55!



  • Investigation ongoing into bug 1397092 - high cpu usage possibly caused by new 60fps tab loading indicator
  • Fatter download progressbar bug 1387557 in for review, is last animation feature planned for 57
  • Polishing, please report any glitches you see

Search and Navigation

Test Pilot

  • We reduced our js bundle size from 2.6 meg to 736 k
  • Send is working on A/B tests and adding password protection

This week I learned

  • Merge Day is at midnight Pacific (beginning of the day)
  • Try to get code to autoland 12 hours before Merge Day