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General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Itiel
  • jaril
  • Logan Smyth [:loganfsmyth]
  • Masatoshi Kimura [:emk]
  • Miriam
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

  • Addon Manager and about:addons:
    • Removed the deprecated remote discovery panel (Bug 1337627) \o/
    • Removed the "extensions.htmlaboutaddons.enabled" and “extensions.legacy.exceptions” preferences (Bug 1564525 and Bug 1393834)
    • Removed the addon compat overrides (Bug 1572140)
    • ntim removed XUL grid from pluginPrefs.xul (Bug 1584311) \o/
  • AbuseReports:
    • Reports triggered from the Firefox UI (e.g. from about:addons) are now opened in a dialog window by default on Firefox 73 (Bug 1598079), like the ones triggered from AMO using the mozAddonManager API
    • Calling mozAddonManager.reportAbuse now closes an existing report dialog and open a new one instead of rejecting (Bug 1602758)
  • WebExtensions Framework:
    • Tom Schuster landed a follow up fix for Bug 1405971 - Webextension UUID leak via Fetch requests, which now replaces disallowed schemes in the Origin header with null
    • As part of Bug 1548700, Shane applied the first part of changes needed to support selecting which extension is controlling a browser preference (the UI part will come next)
    • Nihanth landed a follow up fix to cache the CSP prefs in ExtensionPolicyService (Bug 1600390)
    • Shane applied a follow up fix to the activityLog API to avoid an extension from locking up by monitor its own activity (Bug 1601357)
  • WebExtensions APIs:
    • Shane landed a fix to avoid tabs.onUpdated to be fired before tabs.onCreated when a new tab is created (Bug 1586612)
    • Mélanie Chauvel contributed a new sidebar.toggle API method (Bug 1453355)


Firefox Accounts

  • No updates this week.

Sync and Storage

  • No updates this week.


  • No updates this week.

Browser Architecture

  • Reminder - DTDs are deprecated. Please use Fluent instead.

Developer Tools

  • Console:
    • You can now use data-uri as background image in styled messages — Bug 1579663
    • Logged functions now indicates if they’re async/generator — Bug 1316265
  • Debugger:
    • Watchpoints enabled in all channels (bug)
    • Service Worker debugging is landing behind a pref and is ready for early testing: devtools.debugger.features.windowless-service-workers (Enabling bug)
    • Async stacks in Debugger are just landing and can be already enabled via devtools.debugger.features.async-live-stacks (bug)
  • Netmonitor:
    • WebSocket Inspector supports SignalR protocol. It now parses SignalR packets and displays the as an expandable tree (bug, tweet)
  • RDM:
    • RDM now shows browser and OS information of simulated devices (1306198)!
  • Browser Toolbox:
    • We plan on enabling the new Multiprocess Browser Toolbox (formerly known as the Omniscient Browser Toolbox) this week in nightly!
    • This will give users of the Browser Toolbox new super power in the inspector, debugger and console, and gets the DevTools team ever closer to really supporting Fission.
    • Email going out to various mailing lists soon.
    • Also, check out our new project charts on



New Tab Page

  • Finishing up some promo topsites changes for an experiment coming later.
  • Finishing up Discovery Stream rest of world.
  • Finished Discovery Stream responsive design updates.
  • Researching performance improvements for a personalization feature we’ve experimented with in the past to see if we can get something reasonable.


  • The NodeJS installed by `mach bootstrap` will be upgraded (probably today) to a new 8.* version to fix a security hole.
    • Will be announced in the usual lists/newsgroups when it happens
    • Old version of Node 8 probably will be unsupported (i.e. builds will break without an upgrade) later this week; need to chat with a few more folks about this.
  • NodeJS 10.x hopefully coming early in the new year; discussions still need to happen

Password Manager


Performance Tools

  • No updates this week.


  • Picture-in-Picture is set to ride out enabled by default for macOS and Linux in Firefox 72, due for release Jan 7th, 2020!
  • Fixed:
    • Bug 1601761 - Enable the PiP audio toggle in nightly
      • Held to Nightly for now for testing and UI feedback
    • Bug 1535437 - Picture-in-Picture window should resize when the video changes dimensions
    • Bug 1591253 - Move the PIP player based on its screen position when resized
    • Bug 1599421 - There is no minimum size for the PiP video frame on Ubuntu
    • Bug 1599529 - PictureInPicture keyboard shortcut code uses message manager instead of JSWindowActors
    • Bug 1599887 - [Windows] PiP (Picture in Picture) -> Crash Report [@ OOM | small ] / Process Type = gpu / Crash Reason = EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT
  • In progress:
    • Bug 1592286 - Investigate whether we can add hooks for the webcompat add-on to modify the position and visibility of the Picture-in-Picture toggle
      • Current design lets us position the toggle in a few different positions for particular URLs.


Remote Debugging (Chromium Protocol) (read only)

Priorities for our next deliverable in 2020 include Fission compatibility, the CDP Network domain and more upstream Puppeteer work.

We’ve made important progress in our support of CDP’s Page and IO domains:

  • Maja implemented parts of Page.createIsolatedWorld and Page.addScriptToEvaluateNewDocument to enable the creation of extra JavaScript execution contexts on page load.
  • Henrik implemented parts of Page.getLayoutMetrics to retrieve the layout (fixed) viewport and the full content size. Both are needed for better screenshot capabilities like capturing the full page.
  • Henrik added support for Page.printToPDF to allow the current web page to be printed to a PDF file. This also includes the implementation for handling streams via and IO.close.

Search and Navigation


  • Notable changes:
    • Removed the “Automatically update search engines” option, because it was confusing for users; built-in engines don’t respect it, most Search Engines installed don't support it, and it doesn't stop the engine lists changing (which is what some people thought it would do) - Bug 1444426
  • Search configuration modernization
    • No notable updates, work continues.

Address Bar:


  • Favicons added dynamically after the pageshow event, or with “Cache-Control: no-store”, are no more stored in Places - bug 1598371.
  • Fixed a regression in history where titles from sub frames could overwrite top frames titles, thanks Emilio! - bug 1601563

User Journey

This week I learned

  • [RyanVM] Fx72 ships in 3 weeks!