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General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [bgrins] - Browser Toolbox now allowed by default (and without a prompt) in local builds. Bug 1375280
  • [bgrins] - Demo of an experimental workflow for local development (pre-recorded 1 min video)
  • [mconley] Reminder: please don’t use beforeunload anywhere (eslintable, perhaps?)
    • It kills bfcache, so going back to the page skips a fast path
    • It means we can’t close the tab super-quickly
    • ‘unload’ kills the bfcache but doesn’t have the same messaging overhead that ‘beforeunload’ has
    • ...back in the day, pagehide was preferred over unload. Still true?
  • [mikedeboer] PSA: add_task().skip() and add_task().only() are now available to three test suites

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


  • Out of process extensions is now on in Nightly for Windows users. Much excite about this. Please file any bugs you might find with this, we’ve been squashing a bunch down the last week.
  • Context menu sub items can now have their own icons thanks to Swapnesh.
  • Moz-extension URLs are now supported in the webRequest API.
  • browsingData API can now remove cookies by hostname.
  • Print preview can now be accessed from a WebExtension API. Thanks to dw-dev!
  • And most importantly… In Firefox 57 WebExtensions will be the only add-on types loaded. Legacy add-ons are no more.

Activity Stream

Electrolysis (e10s)

Firefox Core Engineering

  • We have a sample of top crashers (by signature) from FF53 release crash pings (not reports), for 5/19-5/25, broken down by process type. Some interesting things there, sent to the stability@ list for further investigation.
  • Updates to 64-bit begin in FF56 (stub installer introduced this in FF55).
  • About to land: LZMA compression and SHA384 support for update downloads for FF56, reducing the size of the download and improving its security.

Form Autofill





  • Built the prototype for adding the ability for the user to pin frequently-used items from the Page Action menu into the URL bar. This work adds a context menu to items in the action menu to control this. The prototype also added Page Action menu entries for Pocket and Screenshots (and as a next step, their existing buttons in the navbar will be removed). Eventually there will be an WebExtensions API so that Addons can extend this menu (but that work may not make 57).
  • The bookmark star has moved into the URL bar. This (as with Pocket and Screenshots, mentioned above) is part of our work to consolidate actions you perform with the page into the Page Action menu.
  • The sidebar button is now in the toolbar by default. This gives easy one-click access to toggle the sidebar.
  • Customize Mode got a few updates. Its general style has been refreshed for Photon, and we’ve removed the “grid” style around the edges and shrinking-animation when opened. Also, the info panel that’s shown the first time a user enters customization mode (which helps explain that you can drag’n’drop items to move them around) has been replaced with a Photon critter – the Dragondrop. I hope you can appreciate this delightfully terrible pun. 😉
  • The Library panel will now show Bookmarks and Downloads. (Bookmarks are already in Nightly, Downloads was built during the week but needs more work before landing).
  • We also fixed a number of random polish bugs here and there. “Polish” bugs are changes that are not implementing new features, but are just fixing smaller issues with new or existing features. We’ll be seeing an increasing amount of these as we get closer to shipping, and focus on improving polish and quality overall.)





Platform Audibles

  • Storage API is now available in Nightly and ready for testing!


  • No big updates yet.

Search and Navigation

Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot (written only)

  • Page Shot, Activity Stream, Tab center, Pulse all graduated from Test Pilot
  • New experiments coming next week
  • We started a new blog to publish experiment results. Watch for new posts soon

Web Payments

This week I learned

  • [RyanVM] The next m-c -> Beta merge was moved up from August 7 to August 2.

Actions items

  • Select a new meeting leader for August 1st meeting.
  • Next meeting leader is: MattN